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Runway to Serfdom

Okay, so John Bolton probably doesn’t read Men’s Vogue. But a Center for Security Policy piece suggests that if global taxation is the cost of being fashionable, maybe unilateral cowboy-ism doesn’t look so bad:

Most egregious of all, perhaps, is the bold grab the Draft Outcome Document makes for "globotaxes" – the authority to raise revenues for UN functions by levying taxes on various international transactions. Obviously aware of the radioactive nature of such an idea with most tax-averse Americans, the drafters have come up with a variety of euphemisms to obscure what they are about: "innovative and additional sources of financing for development on a public, private, domestic or external basis"; "solidarity contributions on plane tickets to finance development projects"; and "other solidarity contributions that would be nationally applied and internationally coordinated."

Read the whole thing.

The piece also mentions that T-shirts bearing the UNDP logo have been distributed in Gaza. They read: "Today Gaza, Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem.” At least they weren’t handing out lighters.

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Mr. Moffat is a freelance writer in Bethesda, Md.

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