Ben Stein Reminds Young Conservatives To Be Thankful for America

“Every morning, I get up, get out of bed, and get on my knees and thank God for waking up in America,” declared Ben Stein at the Young America’s Foundation Conference in Washington, D.C.

The actor, comedian, and writer reflected upon America’s increasing prosperity, which is often criticized by the liberal media and Hollywood elites.  Stein praised America’s role as the leading engine of free enterprise and free trade for the whole world.

“Free men and women are able to live up to their full potential,” said Stein, “and we continue to see the astonishing power of letting hardworking men and women use their minds and their backs and their hands to do the work that suits their abilities and not do to whatever the state hands out to them.”

Once filled with patriotic actors, Hollywood now makes excuses for American principles. Following a recent trend to mesh entertainment with partisan politics, many actors devote their money and efforts to promote liberal organizations like Rock the Vote.

 Stein pointed to movie stars of the past such as James Stewart, Clark Gable, and Charlton Heston– who all fought in World War II before beginning their acting careers. Yet very few, if any, current American idols are willing to fight in Iraq.

“How many of today’s incredibly buff, muscular, well-toned, super-healthy muscle men stars do you think volunteer to fight terrorists in any part whatsoever” Stein asked a group of 200 students. He considers American soldiers to be the real stars.

“The real stars are wearing body armor on top of their battle dress uniforms in 130 degree heat and they do not have stunt doubles to come in for them when the going gets rough and the bullets and the shrapnel start flying,” said Ben. “They are the real stars, fighting terrorism and trying to free a nation.”

Stein considers America “the light of the world” with a “nation of heroes.” But he claims the media powers distort the past and present reality and college professors place Americans on an equal scale with terrorists. Stein says they are plagued by “moral blindness and historical myopia.”

“They have tried to make America seem like the villain on its own stage,” said Stein. “They have robbed us of our certainty that we are the good guys.”

He calls for young Americans to follow the example of Martin Luther King Junior, fighting back with truth and love.

“Do not let the haters have the floor,” pleaded Stein. “The fact that the haters talk so loud does not make them right.”