Opening Shot of 'The Ultimate Culture War'

The fatal flaw of Britain’s and Europe’s establishment today is not just its shameless worship at the altar of statism; rather, it is its failure to defend the region’s historic, Christian-nurtured culture (the West) against Islamic-nurtured culture (the East). By liberally and uncritically opening its borders to millions of fanatical immigrant religionists, all Europe (including the insular Brits) flirts with actual cultural suicide.

The epic tragedy could occur in just a few more years (or, at most, for demographic reasons, in seven decades), constituting a violent, ignoble chapter in world history and ushering in a New Dark Age, from the Urals of Russia to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The deadly early-morning July 7 attack on the now-bloody heart of London may be noted by historians as the beginning of The Ultimate Culture War.

The breaching of Europe’s ancient defenses against religious war has made the once mighty Christian kingdom of Charlemagne (whose warrior grandfather, Charles "The Hammer" Martel, saved Europeans from Islamic rule 1300 years ago) "more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Islam," according to Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, in her new book La Forza della Ragione ("The Force of Reason").

The advance of Islam into the heart of Europe (and England as well) is not because of Muslims’ strategic skills or Islam’s "irresistible" appeal to Westerners. Instead, it is because Christian institutions have been hollowed out–corrupted by western liberals who demand a merry passage to self-fulfillment without the need for heavy lifting, hewing not to faith and its doctrine for good, but to secularism and its blindness to evil.

As a result of watered-down tradition and values, most of Europe’s churches today are as empty as the lives of their wandering and wondering "sheep." Britain’s mosques, it is estimated, now host more worshipers than does the Church of England. Furthermore, is there any sight (or site) more pathetic than a former rock-solid Presbyterian church in Edinburgh now converted to a thumping techno nightclub?

Europe’s rapid collapse into post-Christian society has produced the contemporary practice of self-absorbed adults having more sex and fewer babies. This results is an anemic birth rate that guarantees eventually the disappearance of indigenous Europeans, including Britons.

The math is simple: To sustain any population, a woman on average must bear 2.1 children. Yet, in Europe the overall rate of 1.5 children per woman is one-third short of the level needed for replacement; in Briton, the rate is only slightly better, 1.6 per native U.K. woman (compared with a rollicking 6.0 births for an immigrant Islamic woman).

At these rates, in another 70 years the indigenous population of Europe, including the U.K., will fall by more than 100 million. On the other side of the ledger, Muslim babies and incalculable waves of new immigrants (whose labour is needed to pay all the taxes required to cover the indigenous retirees’ promised pensions) eventually will overwhelm Europe. Great Christian cathedrals will be fortunate to remain as vestiges of the prior civilization, and more likely will be converted to mosques by European Saudi-type regimes, or blown up by European Taliban-type regimes.

Such shocking predictions are not new. The difference between then (1968, when a similar forecast was made by British politician Enoch Powell) and now is that the handwriting on the wall observed by so few Britons three decades ago is no longer mere handwriting. The current message is in loud, clear daily calls to prayer bellowed from the minarets that punctuate urban U.K. skylines. Powell’s promising Parliament career was crippled shortly after he issued his "rivers of blood" speech, in which he warned that the U.K. was "heaping up its own funeral pyre" by allowing excessive immigration. Were he still alive, MP Powell likely would be in deep hiding, trying to avoid the carrying out of some London mullah’s fatwah ordering his beheading.

(Frightening note: Seconds after I completed writing the preceding sentence by visiting an Islamic website to spell-check "fatwah" [a holy order by a Muslim cleric], my anti-spying computer software reported that a "tracking cookie" [a secret electronic device to record a computer user’s activity] had that moment been unleashed on my computer, but was deleted and defeated! Was the "cookie" unleashed by friend [say, the CIA] or foe?)

Instructed by the Koran to lie low until they reach 10% of their host-country’s population, Muslims already have passed that threshold in France. The increasing incidence of Muslim gangs raping French girls and, for kicks, machine-gunning police stations helped to propel the fiery immigration-reform candidate, Jean le Pen, into the 2002 French presidential runoff–despite the torrent of vitriol aimed at him by the liberal French news media and the handmaiden Paris establishment. Election winner Jacques Chirac evidently learned nothing from his political near-death experience. Since then, he has pandered so much to a surging army of Islamic voters that he appeared as a seemingly sincere mourner during the recent deathwatch for Palestine leader Yasser Arafat, the hoary international terrorist who lay dying in a free French hospital room attended by (mais, oui!) France’s best taxpayer-supported doctors.

The critical 10%-Muslim population level has not been reached yet in the U.K., but the raw numbers are at 1.6 million, or 3% of the total population, and rising fast. The Muslim Council of Britain estimates one million Muslims live in London (14% of the capital’s residents).

Liberals in the West disparage political opponents not on issues but on an ad hominem (that is, viciously personal and emotional) basis–because it is easier to call one’s opponent a "dangerous fool" than prove he is a "dangerous fool." Thus, Liberals have hatched a nasty-sounding word to discredit anyone who criticizes, in this case, excessive immigration. That person, according to sputtering opponents, is a xenophobe (xeno for "foreigner" and phobe for "one who hates").

Liberals ignore the fact that phobe has an alternative Greek definition, that is, "one who fears" (as in claustrophobe, one who fears being confined to a small place). In the real world, of course, all Christians and "lapsed" Christians should fear excessive immigration of Muslims.

How threatening are these immigrants? Extremely threatening, according to the scholarly studies by Professor Rohan Gunaratna, of St. Andrews Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence. Considered the world’s leading expert on terrorist leader Osama bin Laden’sal-Qaeda network, Prof. Gunaratna also is principal investigator for the United Nations’ Terrorism Prevention Branch. He notes that except for the 1995 bombing of America’s federal office building in Oklahoma City,allmajor terrorist attacks of the past decade in theWest have been carried out by immigrants. They were not just random immigrants, but invariably from a specific religious background. During the decade since 1993, of the 212 suspected and convicted terrorists in Europe and the United States, 86% were Muslim immigrants, and most of the rest were converts to Islam, according to Prof. Gunaratna.

Robert S. Leiken, an American authority on immigration and national-security matters, agrees: "In Western countries jihad [religious war] has grown mainly via Muslim immigration." His Bearers of Global Jihad (published by the Washington-based Nixon Center) details Islam’s two-pronged violent war on the West, which uses:

HIT SQUADS–foreign nationals who enter the country with a specific mission, such as the 9/11 attackers who plane-bombed New York City and Washington’s iconic Twin Trade Towers and Pentagon buildings, and

SLEEPER CELLS–enemy agents who reside in immigrant communities, either quietly raising money to fund terrorists or waiting for a signal to initiate violence.

The latter prong (sleeper cells) is Islam’s weapon of choice for Europe. "They do not seem suspicious," observes Pierre de Bousquet, who heads the French counterintelligence service. Of sleeper cells’ members, he adds, "They work. They have kids. They have fixed addresses. They pay the rent." They also are involved passionately in so-called Muslim "foundations," "charities," "conferences," "academic groups" and innocent-sounding other fronts, including NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) and private corporations, all of which raise money or other assets to underwrite other Muslims’ acts of terrorism.

(One notable sleeper-cell operative who recently was uncovered in the United States was a distinguished educator. Sami Al-Arian, of the University of South Florida, also was a frequent visitor to the White House, where he smugly had his photo taken with enthusiastic backers of the Republican administration’s War on Terror, and even posed convincingly as an outspoken Islamic supporter of President George W. Bush–before finally getting nailed and jailed by FBI agents).

Sleeper cells, as noted, also can be used to spring into action themselves if a country’s security makes it too difficult for hit squads to cross its border. A major example: the resident Moroccans who killed 191 Spaniards aboard a commuter train on the eve of Spain’s May 2004 elections, convincing voters to replace the pro-U.S. government.

There is a striking difference, however, between the Islamic immigrants in America and those in Great Britain and the Continent, according to Leiken. U.S. Muslims have assimilated much better than their European counterparts (probably because 1] U.S. Muslims are not as numerous, and 2] most of them have prospered in America’s traditionally dynamic and non-discriminating economy). The EU’s Islamic population is more culturally alienated, socially marginalized, unemployable, and likely to rage in the forms of gang rape, anti-Jewish attacks, anti-American violence and, of course, both spontaneous and carefully orchestrated acts of terrorism in their hated new EU homeland.

Throughout the West, most conservatives in their hearts believe that there always should be "room for one more," provided that the person, regardless of color or creed, is running from horrible injustice and sincerely needs a helping hand to survive. Yet, private and public charity for a truly threatened alien in search of sanctuary must not be confused with a nation’s immigration policy, especially if it perpetually opens a gate to welcome emissaries from the hottest corners of Hell.

Europe must decide for itself whether to curb or end its suicidal affair with hostile alien guests. Likewise, the EU’sthink-alikes in London must look out their windows and examine the angry faces of that gathering mob.

Beyond the obvious questions about the basis of the frothing mob’s religion, there are other interesting queries. For example, taken as a whole: Is Islam actually a religion, or is it something unique, what Friedrich Nietzsche philosophically described as the "self-poisoned mind" of resentment?

One can judge by looking at the historic record: For five centuries the Arab Islamic world has plunged from being an advanced centre of learning. Now it is largely perceived (not only by the West but most of the rest of the world) as a deep wallowing pit of malice, ethnic resentment, vindictiveness, vandalism, and the malaise of inferiority. Pure science in Islamic society has succumbed at last to theocratic petrifaction. Unreformed polygamy and poverty combine to leave millions of virile young men wife-less and forever celibate–ripe bait for recruitment into the energy-releasing terrorist-training camps that quickly will provide them with direction (alabeit mostly toward an early death) and discipline (traditional qualities that a wife contributes under the otherwise common system of monogamy).

Unable to develop a contemporary political culture that would reform and rebuild their societies and economy, Islamic countries instead glorify brutality from the top down. Iranian journalist Amir Taheri noted recently in the Wall Street Journal that "all but one of the world’s remaining military regimes are in Muslim countries. Of the current 30 active conflicts in the world, no fewer than 28 concern Muslim governments and/or communities." Except for Turkey and ex-British Colonial Bangladesh, he adds, "there are no real elections in any Muslim country. Two-thirds of the world’s political prisoners are held in Islamic countries, which also carry out 80% of all executions annually."

Of the world’s 100 largest-per-capita countries in Gross Domestic Product (not counting the six tiny dictatorships that sit atop gigantic oil pools), only one (Malaysia, ranked #85) is Islamic. Finally, from America to the Sudan and Russia to South Asia, more Christians are being killed as martyrs than at any other time in world history–and the primary killers are Muslims. That simple fact cannot be ignored, and neither can we ignore how the killers acquired, through religion, their taste for the blood of unbelievers.