What Jones Meant on Iraq:

In the wake of reports he was co-sponsoring a resolution supported by liberals to set a date for U.S. troops to leave Iraq, Rep. Walter Jones (R.-N.C.) set the record straight. “I am not in favor of any immediate withdrawal nor do I support setting an end date at which time all troops must be out of Iraq,” he told HUMAN EVENTS. The resolution, which Jones co-sponsored with Representatives Ron Paul (R.-Tex.) and Neal Abercrombie (D.-Hawaii), is a non-binding measure that, says Jones, “will do no more than call on the President to set a plan and a date to begin reducing the number of troops we have in Iraq.”

Asked about Jones’ position on Iraq, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said: “We’ve made our views on withdrawal very clear. It’s important we succeed in Iraq. That means completing the mission.”