Pandora’s Box Is Now Wide Open

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  • 09/21/2022

Terri Schiavo's battle for life is over, and as a result, our nation will forever be changed. Her murder, or as Michael Schiavo would say, "Her slow, painless and peaceful death" clears the way for others, who do not believe in a person's "right to life" or the notion that life is divinely inspired by God, to start killing at will.

While Terri's pain has ended, our children's suffering and pain has just begun. Our nation's youth got an earful within the last month and the messages being delivered by parents, teachers, television and Terri's husband were clear: A handicapped or disabled life is a life not fit for living. In fact, it is a wasted life. Those who do not have the ability to think, reason or possess enough cognitive ability to interact "meaningfully" with the world-as so many said of Terri-should not go on living. A life that is found not to be worthwhile needs to be extinguished. Withholding food and water from someone is not torturous, barbaric or murderous. Rather, it is merciful and gracious of those who are killing the unfortunate soul. Those whose bodies and brains are not up to par should step aside and quit being a burden on the rest of us. We are inconvenienced daily by providing food, water, time, money and companionship to these human parasites.

These are the messages our children will take away from Terri Schiavo's death. Her passing will go down in the books as another landmark event devaluing human life and setting the stage for more radical and heinous acts. In 1973, when abortion was legalized in Roe v. Wade, the religious right cringed and claimed killing a fetus only a few weeks old was murder. At the time, no one knew the court's decision in that case would blossom into what we now know as abortion on demand. Not only do we kill a fetus just days or weeks old, but we now suck the brain out of a baby's head just weeks before its birth. The slippery slope our nation started down because of Roe v. Wade will be seen again as a consequence of Terri Schiavo's death.

What can we expect? For those citizens with handicaps or disabilities, you are forewarned-someone may have his eye on you. If you're blind, deaf, mute, in a wheelchair, on crutches, use a walker or a cane, walk with a limp or have an appendage missing, you better mind your P's and Q's. One little slip-up, just one, and someone could deem your life unfit for living, take away your wheelchair, put you in a hospice center and starve you to death. His excuse would be: "Well, they're worthless shells of a human. Those cripples have been draining my pocketbook for years-all those ramps and elevators and special parking spots. Forget about legislation in order to fix Social Security. I'll fix it myself by lightening our load."

If you think this sounds ridiculous, you're underestimating the significance of Terri's death. I doubt even those who were for abortion in 1973 went as far as to think that one day we'd be aborting babies in the last trimester. This is where we are headed-cheapening the value of life. It started with Terri Schiavo and it ends with . . . well who knows?

A pregnant woman who learns her unborn child will go through life with a severe handicap now has a couple of options. She could abort the baby altogether, but that's a costly procedure in terms of both money and health! So now she can choose to deliver the child, starve it to death (a cheaper option), and be innocent in a court of law. Her defense: "Who would want to go through life with a severe handicap? It was a wasted life. Not to mention, taking care of and providing for that child would have consumed me and then my life would be wasted. So really, when you think about it, all I was doing was saving a life-my own!"

As our nation embraces social Darwinism, don't be fooled into believing its kiss of death pertains only to those with physical handicaps and disabilities. It also includes the unintelligent, ignorant, idiotic, mindless, illogical, moronic scatterbrains we have to deal with everyday. Remember, one of the most widely used arguments against Terri was that she did not possess enough cognitive ability to reason, think or analyze the events unfolding around her. So, with this in mind, we no longer have to put up with those idiots we run into at work, school or behind the cash register at the mall. We can just eliminate them. Even though we might have a problem defining who's stupid and who's not since such a classification would be relative from person to person, I'm sure we'll figure it out.

A young boy in the 3rd grade can't seem to get the hang of his multiplication tables. He's been struggling all year while the other boys and girls were learning long division. The teacher calls in the boy's parents for a conference and explains the situation: "Your son just doesn't understand multiplication. He can't grasp the concept, and I doubt he ever will. All of the other children are well beyond him. To be honest, I don't think he possess enough cognitive ability to analyze these simple mathematic equations. I'm sorry, but tomorrow I'm going to have to send him to the nurse's office where he'll be starved to death. Don't worry about a thing mom and dad. Given his inferior intellect and inability to reason, I'm sure he won't feel a thing."

Some of you probably disagree with me about the impact Terri Schiavo's death will have on our nation. But, come to think about it, it's not that you disagree with me as much as it is you don't possess enough cognitive ability to understand what's occurring in the world around you. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to kill all of those who can't comprehend my analysis. It's what you would want me to do if only you had enough smarts to realize it.

Listen-up world! If you think this only pertains to the United States, think again. Our country has fed you long enough. We've appointed a new secretary of agriculture. His name is George Felos, and he's a very intelligent man. In fact, he's got this new idea as to how you can all look more beautiful-starvation. Trust me when I say he knows from experience. In a testimonial, Mr. Felos revealed that during Terri's Schiavo's starvation, "In all the years I've seen Mrs. Schiavo, I've never seen such a look of peace and beauty upon her." It worked for Terri, and it will work for you.

With this new social Darwinism sweeping the nation, there's no end to the possibilities. In a way, we'll pick-up where Hitler failed. Forget about a master race. We're more interested in preserving the lives of those who can win the race. And as for everyone else, Pandora's box is now wide open.


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