Contraceptive Cuts

During a recent debate over the Budget Deficit Reduction Act, which proposes to cut $40 billion in federal spending, Hillary accused Republicans of encouraging abortions by allowing states to slash family planning and birth control programs for poor women.  

The provision, relating to Medicaid reform, gives states the option to eliminate their Medicaid family planning programs altogether, or just to focus cuts on high-risk populations like teenage girls.  

So outraged was Sen. Clinton that she took to the Senate floor to oppose the measure: “I think this bill may very well increase the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions in our country.  We obviously have very strong opinions and deeply held convictions about abortions but are we also divided about contraception and family planning?  Are we not in this body committed to reducing the number of abortions?”  

However, most experts agree that no states are about to quit Medicaid, especially since the federal government picks up 90 percent of the tab.


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