Don't the Media Have Anything Better to Do?

On September 21, as the CBS documents scandal unraveled, DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe issued a press release blaming Karl Rove and other Republicans for the forged memos that appeared on 60 Minutes September 8. For most sane people, it was hard even to take this seriously.

Not so among members of the press.

So eager were liberal journalists to connect conservatives to the forged documents that reporters from both the New York Times and the left-wing London Guardian called Rich Taylor, a conservative Michigan-based graphics artist, to see if he had created the forgeries.

It was Taylor who famously created two innocuous but now infamous Internet hoaxes–one was a photograph that appeared to show John Kerry on stage with Jane Fonda during the 1970s, and another appeared to show Sen. Tom Daschle (D.-S.D.) pledging allegiance with his left hand. Both received play in the media before being debunked.

Taylor, founder of, is also the original creator of the “Sore-Loserman” t-shirts from the 2000 election recount and the “Bush Dinar,” which was passed about by Kurds in newly liberated Kirkuk when U.S. troops routed Saddam Hussein’s army in 2003.

Taylor also denies responsibility for Kerry’s orange skin color in recent photographs.