Kerry Cronies Can't Bury This Book

Despite the Kerry camp’s best efforts to attack the book and discredit its co-author, the white-hot new book Unfit for Command is holding firm at #1 on both Amazon and Publisher Regnery Publishing reports that bookstore orders are still flooding in, and that they have gone back for a third printing, putting the total number of books in print up to 175,000. All this before the book has even been officially released, still slated for August 15th.

A firestorm of publicity has erupted around the book and a related anti-Kerry TV ad, with Kerry flaks resorting to name-calling and attempted intimidation of TV stations. Earlier this week, there were also rumors that Kerry supporters had hacked into to tamper with the book’s cover and title (this is a cached page).

Unfit provides an avalanche of evidence that Kerry’s war wounds were self-inflicted, that he lied to gain his medals and get out of Vietnam after just four month’ active duty, and that the vast majority of Swift Boat vets who served with Kerry do not think him fit to be Commander-in-Chief.

Even ABC News couldn’t deny the book’s appeal, calling it “clear, crisply-written, occasionally compelling, and full of polarizing firepower.”