Conservative Spotlight: Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Some Americans believe in America. And others believe in Europe. “We are slipping away from what made us great,” said Orthodox Rabbi Aryeh Spero, head of Caucus for America and a radio talk show host in the New York City area. “There are Americans who want to make this country into a France or a Sweden, libertine, Socialist. We have to realize we are in a battle and we have to fight.” Spero sees the foundation of America being worn away–and the long, sustained attack on Americans’ religious beliefs is the spearhead. Those who want their libertine Socialist state, he said, believe that “You first have to destroy the influence of old-time Protestantism. I’m not talking about liberal Christianity. I’m talking about evangelical Protestantism, or conservative Catholicism. This is necessary for the transformation of America into a Socialist European state.” Spero’s Caucus for America tries to shore up Americans’ belief in themselves and their heritage. “The New York Times has been on a 40-year campaign to convince Americans that they’re bad, that they’re bad people. We tell Americans that we are good, fair people. We’re not racist,” he said. “It is to remind Americans how great this country is, because we were founded on a Judeo-Christian ethic. With that ethic, we will continue to be great. We retort those in the media who make it their mission to make people ashamed of America.” He said that resisting this is key: “If Americans feel good about themselves, they won’t be bamboozled.” He theorized that those with a European Socialist frame of mind–what has become in recent decades the primary European frame of mind–are motivated by guilt and a desire for control. “I think there are certain people who have inherited money, or money has come to them very easily, who feel guilty,” he said. “I think that’s giving them a lot of credit. I think there’s a lot more to it than that. I think a lot of these people want to control society. They want to make people dependent on them. They feel that without them, many people couldn’t take care of themselves. . . . One of the things they fear the most is the fella in Peoria or Dixon, Ill., has just as much right to define the course of this country as they do, the best and the brightest.” He deplored the turn to liberalism of so many Jews, which he linked to their loss of religious faith. “The Bible is a very conservative document,” he said. “Just because the prophets said ‘love justice, take care of widows and orphans’ doesn’t mean they believed in the welfare state. They believed in actions by individuals, not the state.” In any case, Spero noted, liberals don’t believe in justice anyway. “Liberals abrogate justice for an end goal,” he said, and cited “affirmative action” as an example. Liberals in religion are liberals elsewhere, Spero asserted. Take constitutional interpretation–or constitutional destruction–as it practiced by liberals, who “interpret” the Constitution to mean whatever they want. “It’s a form of self-worship,” said Spero. “Those who cannot surrender to the principles of God are not going to surrender to the thoughts of Madison and Adams. . . . Most Orthodox Jews are now Republican. I was the first Orthodox rabbi to endorse Ronald Reagan in 1979.” But what is the ultimate end goal of liberals anyway, who continually find more and more things to complain about in Americans’ thoughts, behavior, and society? “They’re not going to be satisfied until they break down every difference,” he said. “They don’t want there to be any difference between men and women. They want internationalism and the end to American sovereignty. They don’t want our culture to survive. No difference between homosexual marriage and traditional marriage.” Spero hosts a weekly radio show, “Talking Sense with Rabbi Aryeh Spero,” on WWDJ and has had Pat Robertson, Ann Coulter and Dick Morris as guests. Spero inclines to telling the truth about the danger America faces from her Fifth Column. “Republicans don’t understand liberals, who want to utterly destroy this country,” he said. “Liberalism is a quest for power.” Some liberals, he said, who know that President Bush is the better man to be President–at a time when our civilization is threatened–will vote against his re-election anyway because of extreme left-wing dogmas. “Killing that fetus is more important” to them, he said.


Spero may be reached at Caucus for America, P.O. Box 630172, Little Neck, N.Y. 11363-0172 (516-773-6242; e-mail:



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