Left Plans To Upstage Republican Convention:

The music branch of the left media establishment wants to join the anti-Bush cacophony. The AP reported today on the plan for a “Concert for Change” that would provide music’s libs a platform across the Hudson River from the Republican Convention. “This is a simple idea that captures the imagination of Americans opposed to George Bush,” said promoter and Democratic activist Andrew Rasiej, who has already reserved Giants Stadium for the potential Sept. 1 show. In order to pack the venue and get a TV audience, Rasiej dreams of getting Bruce Springsteen to perform. An online petition at has received about 50,000 signatures, he said.

The organizers may not want to get too excited, since Springsteen’s publicist told Reuters the star does not plan to perform at any events tied to the Democratic or Republican conventions. Rasiej said he has also contacted acts such as REM, The Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan and Carlos Santana.