Is This One Nation Under God?

In a message on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Capitol Resource Institute, Chairman Tim LeFever offered this examination of the United States’ position relative to the Almighty:


One Nation Under God. The debate over the appropriateness of those last two words has now moved to a new forum, the United States Supreme Court. While attorneys argue the finer points of Constitutional law, there is a more practical issue:

Are we, truly, one nation under God?

In a sense, former presidential candidate John Edwards had it right. There are two Americas. But, not as he envisioned them, defined by status and class. There is an America that believes that its bounty is from, and its ultimate allegiance is owed to the Creator. There is another America that wishes to not even acknowledge God’s existence. Nor does it allow anyone else, especially schoolchildren, to do so.

Ultimately, truth is not defined by those who attempt to censor God or silence His advocates. We are one nation under God, whether we acknowledge it humbly or challenge it arrogantly.

Let us pray for an appropriate response from the Court. But, let us also acknowledge the truth. A sign in the front yard or in a bedroom window, perhaps a bumper sticker on your car will do. Humbly, yet proudly state those four words: One Nation Under God.