Hillary's Hopes Helped by 'Kerrygate'

Will “Kerrygate” provide an opportunity for Hillary Clinton to “save the day” at the Democratic convention? R. Emmett Tyrrell , author of the new book Madame Hillary: The Dark Road to the White House, thinks that at the very least the chances of it happening have gone up — way up. Quoted yesterday, Tyrrell noted that “the likeliness of Mrs. Clinton potentially grabbing the Democratic nomination in Boston in a ‘save the Democratic Party’ scenario has increased ten fold.”

As pundits consider the Democratic Party’s latest scandal, Tyrrell has released his Madame Hillary, shedding new light on the junior New York Senator and her seemingly unstoppable rise in power within her party.

About the developing Kerry scandal, Tyrrell stated that “‘Kerrygate’ could have a tremendous impact on the number one issue driving the Kerry campaign — ‘electability.’ While many analysts and pundits will surely give the windfall to Sen. John Edwards, this could have greater impact on Sen. Hillary Clinton’s political future.”

Tyrrell went on to say, “It is fascinating that one of the driving forces behind Kerry’s scandal is none other than friend of Hillary and recent Democratic Presidential Candidate General Wesley Clark, who Mrs. Clinton encouraged to run.”

In a recent Wall Street Journal Op-ed, Tyrrell predicted:

“There are Democrats who want to loosen the Clintons’ grip on their party. That grip has always been good for the Clintons but bad for the party. Will frontrunner Mr. Kerry be the next victim of the Clintons’ political research teams? Possibly not — he is the Washington insider that Mr. Dean is not. And it is not clear that he will be sailing into the summer convention with a great deal of brag and bounce. He may be limping in after still more primary battles. Then Hillary will make her grand entrance. With Mr. McAuliffe smiling from the podium her power will be vast.”


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