Disgracefully Targeting the NRA

On NBC’s “Today Show” on Wednesday, October 15, the National Rifle Association was made to look like they have some sort of “hit list” of journalists, celebrities, and others who are not friends of the pro-2nd Amendment organization.

NBC’s crack reporter Fred Francis sharply noted that “the NRA does not call it an enemies list, but deep in its Web site there are 19 pages of celebrities, companies, organizations and journalists who the NRA says are not friends or favorites” and that “[NRA Executive Vice President Wayne] LaPierre denies that it is an enemies list.”

What is it the NRA has posted on their site?

It is a list of public figures, national organizations, journalists, and corporations that have “taken stands against the 2nd Amendment.”

Really, it is similar to the liberal People for the American Way’s (PFAW) “Right Wing Watch” which includes a list of conservative organizations, including their leaders and addresses, described as attempting “to roll back, or stop, social justice progress and to reshape government and society to its liking.”

On their “Right Wing Watch,” PFAW states that their “library has files on over 800 groups and almost 300 individuals documenting their activities and providing information about their efforts to reshape society.” Perhaps conservatives should claim the Leftist organization has created a “hit list” of conservatives which they could distribute upon command.

Of course, the Left hates it when their anti-constitutional beliefs are pointed out to the public — which is exactly what the NRA has done with this list. Their blinding hatred is so exceedingly outrageous that they don’t even realize how nauseatingly vitriolic they appear.

For example, one Leftist movement, “Stop the NRA,” has created a site called on which it lambastes the NRA for creating a “blacklist of ‘anti-gun’ individuals” with a purpose that is “all too clear” — all this tripe is presented while the song “Gringo Like Me” from Gunfight at Red Sands ever-so-cleverly plays in the background. According to these liberals who “oppose everything the NRA stands for” (such as the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution), the NRA wants to shut its opponents up “while it buys and bullies Congress” to get its way.

Just how outrageous and out of touch with reality are these liberals? Among the several pictures of scary machine guns and ominous gun shops, they have also slipped in pictures of John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, the accused “Beltway Snipers.” Somehow we are to believe that if the NRA had its way, murderers like the two snipers would be all over our streets. Disgraceful.

America’s Left needs to get a grip — on reality and on a .44, just to find out what they’re missing — and face up to the fact that the Founding Fathers considered gun ownership so important that they left nothing to chance. That’s why they included “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” in the Bill of Rights.