Kucinichian Socialism

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

–Karl Marx

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D.-Ohio). has frequently made the case for why he should never be elected President.

One of the many reasons is his unwavering adherence to a universal health care plan. The plan he desires is pure socialism, but in case you don’t believe it or need to prove it to a friend, here are some excerpts from a speech he gave in Iowa on Thursday, August 14, to a health care forum moderated by Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (D.). (Emphasis has been added.)

“I’ve introduced legislation in the Congress of the United States . . . H.R. 676, Medicare For All.

“Now, Medicare For All is a single payer, universal health care plan that will guarantee access to health care. It will guarantee a universal high standard of care and lower health care costs. Every person living in the United States and its territories would receive a health insurance card entitling them to the universal best quality of medical care. The plan would extend benefits under Medicare to cover all medically necessary health services. And it would also cover preventive health care, complementary and alternative medicine, dental health, mental health, vision care, and a prescription drug benefit.

“No insurance, no private insurance, would be permitted to exist that duplicates Medicare For All benefits. Other government health programs, such as Medicaid, would be subsumed under Medicare For All. The program would convert all privately owned health facilities like hospitals and clinics to non-profit status.

* * *

“[Funding] would be provided by the following sources. Number one, existing government spending. . . .

“The second place where the money would come from would be employers. We would phase in a tax on employers of 7.7 percent on all public and private employers that would yield $917 billion.

* * *

“The real question that’s facing this country is, is it adequate for one-third of our fellow citizens to be left without health insurance? Is it adequate for families to have to make cruel choices about whether or not some loved one will be able to get the care they need, and so they have to choose whether to break into the family savings, whether to liquidate retirement savings, whether to postpone a college education for one of their children. I mean people are making these kind of choices every day. Just as seniors today make really cruel choices about whether they can afford food or a prescription drug, clothing or a prescription drug. This is reality in American today.”

How long and hard did America fight to defeat this type of government behind the Iron Curtain?