Hold the Left Accountable

This violent tradition in Cleveland’s public schools is part of the leftist May Day festivities of May 1. Eighteen black and Hispanic teen-age celebrants now face assault, riot and “ethnic intimidation” charges after beating up a 13-year-old white girl so badly that she still experiences blackouts more than one month later.

Now, we are told repeatedly that conservatives, simply by expressing or even holding their views (let alone speaking them publicly) are responsible for inciting hatred and causing violence against victim groups. To take just one example, think back to the murder of Matthew Shepard in October 1998. Immediately afterward, left-wing writers and politicians tried to make perfectly normal Americans feel like hate criminals, responsible for that gruesome crime, for merely disapproving of homosexuality.

“It’s not a coincidence that over the last year we’ve heard an unprecedented amount of anti-gay sentiment expressed by right-wing elected officials and sports figures,” one homosexual activist said that November. “I don’t think we can be surprised that some students have taken the message to heart.”

Some people think that only leftists can engage in that kind of stereotypical thinking. But in that same May Day Spirit, why don’t we put the finger on the thought criminals responsible for this tragedy in Cleveland? We can’t hold the 18 little lambs, mere products of their environment, responsible, so let’s turn to the root cause: those who created the hostile environment in which their act was committed.

Shouldn’t someone start holding liberals accountable for their left-wing hate speech, which inflames racial hatred and encourages hate crimes? These middle school children, aged 9 to 15, weren’t born hating white people. They learned that from left-wing educators, entertainment figures and news media. The constant barrage of leftist propaganda convinced them that they had gotten a raw deal in life, and the white man is to blame for it. So let’s beat up a white kid.

The liberals are wrong to think that their routine indoctrination of teenagers into progressive racial politics is harmless. In this case, we see the ugly side of their intolerant tolerance.


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