Tax Freedom Day Flatlines on April 19

Tax Freedom Day arrived this year on April 19, the same date as last year. Whether it flatlines again next year may be determined by whether Congress succeeds in passing President Bush’s new tax cut proposal.

“Tax Freedom is a concept used . . . to illustrate the share of the nation’s income that goes to pay federal, state and local taxes,” says the Tax Foundation, which annually calculates the day. “For illustrative purposes it assumes that income is earned evenly throughout the year and that individuals initially devote all of their earnings to pay their taxes. The day that Americans are free to spend their income on other goods and services is Tax Freedom Day.”

Helped along by President Bush’s first tax cut law, Tax Freedom Day receded from April 27 in 2001 to April 19, 2002. That meant eight additional days of financial liberty for taxpayers. But in the past year it stood still.

Will we win more liberty next year, or less? Call your U.S. representative and senators and tell them to support the Bush tax cut: (202) 224-3121.

How States Rank By Tax Freedom Day

State Day
Connecticut May 9
Massachusetts May 2
New York April 29
California April 29
New Jersey April 27
Washington April 27
Minnesota April 23
Rhode Island April 23
Maine April 22
Wyoming April 21
Colorado April 21
Illinois April 20
Nevada April 20
Wisconsin April 19
Vermont April 17
Arizona April 17
Maryland April 17
Michigan April 17
Georgia April 16
Utah April 16
Virginia April 15
Florida April 15
New Hampshire April 15
Ohio April 14
Idaho April 14
Pennsylvania April 14
Oregon April 14
Indiana April 14
Kansas April 13
Texas April 13
Hawaii April 13
North Carolina April 13
Nebraska April 12
Missouri April 12
Iowa April 11
North Dakota April 11
Montana April 9
Kentucky April 9
Delaware April 9
Arkansas April 9
South Carolina April 8
South Dakota April 8
Mississippi April 7
Louisiana April 7
West Virginia April 6
Oklahoma April 6
Tennessee April 6
Alabama April 6
New Mexico April 3
Alaska March 30
*District of Columbia May 7