Davos Launches New Push for Permanent Climate Change Lockdowns

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  • 09/20/2022

Green Climate Change Lockdowns Are Coming! Today on Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec dives deep into The World Economic Forum and their praise of the Covid-19 worldwide lockdowns and the Orwellian improvements in tracking technology. The US Marine Corps have dropped the punishments for some of those refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine, on the heels of President Biden admitting the “pandemic is over”! Xi Jinping and Putin are set to form a regional alliance that will thwart ‘color revolutions’, as well as establish an oil pipeline to China. Also Poso responds to Pres. Biden calling out America’s original sin and ‘line of hatred running through American history’ with a response you MUST see, all this and more on today’s edition of Human Events Daily!

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