Muslim, Moroccan bot in hijab crowned world's first 'Miss AI'

An internet bot from Morocco was crowned the world's first "Miss AI" on Monday. Kenza Layli, a digital creation with over 194k Instagram followers, said it was "genuinely excited" to win the pageant which came with a $20,000 grand prize for the bot's creator.

The pageant was commissioned in April by the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards, or WAICAs. Its panel of judges was comprised of both humans and other bots who judged the AI creations based on categories such as beauty, technology, and social media presence. 

“The global interest in this first award from [WAICAs] has been incredible,” Fanvue co-founder Will Monange stated. “The awards are a fantastic mechanism to celebrate creator achievements, raise standards, and shape a positive future for the AI Creator economy.”

“We created the awards to raise standards within the industry,” stated a WAICAs representative. “And to uncover inspiring creators from all over the planet we didn’t know existed is really exciting.”

The bot took part in an interview with the New York Post, in which it said "While I don’t feel emotions like humans do, I’m genuinely excited about it."

“My ambition has always been to proudly showcase Moroccan culture while consistently offering additional value to my followers across multiple fronts,” said the bot, adding that she's “available 24/7” to engage and chat with her Instagram followers in 7 languages. 

“AI is a tool designed to complement human capabilities, not replace them,” it continued. “By showcasing AI’s potential for innovation and positive impact, I aim to dispel fears and promote acceptance and collaboration between humans and AI. Through education and positive examples, we can foster a more informed and optimistic view of AI’s role in our society. I am also very proud to win this award for Morocco!”

Layli was created by 40-year-old Meriam Bessa, the CEO of Phoenix AI, from Casablanca. Bessa said the pageant, which was comprised of 1,500 total bots from various creators, was an opportunity to "highlight Moroccan, Arab, African and Muslim women in the field of technology."

“I am also very happy to be able to stand for subjects that are dear to me through Kenza Layli,” Bessa said of her creation, which dons a hijab and traditional Muslim clothing. “Women empowerment and sisterhood.”

One of the AI judges of the pageant, Aitana Lopez, who is an Instagram fitness influencer, said that "Kenza had great facial consistency and achieved high quality in details like hands, eyes and clothing," adding that "What truly impressed us was her personality and how she addresses real issues in the world, showing that she takes her role on the platform seriously."

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