Leftists riot in Paris in celebration of French election results

On Sunday, the results of the French elections were announced, revealing that the far-left New Popular Front coalition had received more votes than Emmanuel Macron's centrist Emsemble coalition and the right-wing National Rally, which came in second and third, respectively. Upon hearing the news, leftists who had already gathered in the Place de la Republique took to the streets, setting off fireworks, burning bicycles, and otherwise wreaking havoc.

The demonstrations in the nation's capital prompted a response from law enforcement, during which officers in riot gear fired tear gas and tried to disperse the crowds. The streets have since been cleared, and the destruction caused by those who took part is being repaired as the city prepares to host the Olympics in just a few days.

The evening began peacefully, with leftists gathered in the plaza chanting, holding signs, and waving flags.

Before long, however, things took a violent turn, with leftists throwing projectiles at police officers. Footage showed bottles and other things being hurled at officers, who responded by firing tear gas in the direction of the agitators.

As the evening progressed, leftists began setting fire to whatever they could get their hands on, including ridesharing bicycles, a pile of which was burned in the middle of the road. 

When the streets were finally cleared, the full extent of the riots was revealed. Broken bottles were strewn about, graffiti had been scrawled on many surfaces from bus stops to the monument in the Place de la Republique.

The New Popular Front is made up of populist France Unbowed, the French Green Party, the Socialist Party, and the French Communist Party. The coalition managed to rise up from obscurity and garner 182 seats. Macron's Emsemble and Marine le Pen's National Rally secured 163 and 143 seats, respectively. With no party receiving a majority, the conversation has now turned to figuring out whether further coalitions will be formed. 

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