'Bomb the cartels': Jack Posobiec debates immigration, border security with Libertarian presidential candidate Chase Oliver

Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec debated immigration and border security on Wednesday night against Libertarian presidential candidate Chase Oliver. Posobiec was joined by Ryan Girdusky as the two faced off in the Zerohedge-hosted debate against Oliver and The Rising's Robby Soave.

In his remarks, Posobiec argued that the best way to fight the scourge of drugs in America, and the violence that comes wiht those drugs, is to eradicate the drug cartels. Oliver argued that legalizing drugs is the best way to eliminate drug cartels because he claims that this would get rid of the incensive to deal in drugs illegally. 

"The best way to bankrupt the cartels," Oliver said, "is to remove the incentive for them create drugs."

"I think the best way to deal with the cartels is kill them," Posobiec said.

"Bomb the cartels," Posobiec posted. "They started this war. We end it. Completely stand by this statement."

Jashinsky sought to clarify, asking "Do you guys want to bomb the cartels?"

Posobiec answered, "Sure" and Girdusky said "100 percent."

Posobiec added, "We're not talking about the global war on terror, we're talking about those specific types of operations to go after cartels."

Oliver and Soave said that the actions would lead to war with Mexico, but Posobiec and Girdusky pushed back and said that these operations are not in Mexico City and that they are usually isolated in one specfic region of the country. 

Additionally, Posobiec took issue with the amnesty policies that were being proposed by Soave and Oliver during the debate. "The amnesty policies that we've heard tonight would destroy this country. They would tear this country apart. They would actually lead us down the road to socialism far faster than any of the people that we've talked about that are currently here now,” Posobiec said after Oliver and Soave advocated for amnesty policies.

"Assimilation is an issue and the truth is that people who come here legally through legal means... assimilate far quicker than those who come through an illegal process where there’s no process for them to come through here," Oliver said.

"So, amnesty?" Posobiec asked. 

Watch the full debate here: 

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