EXCLUSIVE: Michael Seifert reveals Levi Strauss donates $10 million a year to left-wing groups

Founder and CEO of PublicSq Michael Seifert joined Jack Posobiec on Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily where he detailed the downfall of the popular jeans company Levi Strauss. 

Seifert described the company as "another story of a great American company that has fallen victim at the corporate level to woke activists that have hijacked the company, have swayed it from its original intentions and are now donating hard-earned profits to far-left causes." 

He reported that Levi Strauss donates $10 million of its yearly profits to organizations supporting kids transitioning genders such as the Kentucky Health Justice Network, one of its largest recipients. He said that pro-abortion organizations across the country as well are also recipients of the company's donations as well as the "Anti Police-Terror Project" in Oakland. 

"Oakland is one of those great former American cities that have been completely decimated by high crime, homelessness, high levels of illegal immigration. Instead of wanting to contribute to the betterment of Oakland, Levi Strauss doubles down and actually funds the organization that's trying to remove a police presence from Oakland," Seifert said. 

“So, when you're buying jeans, you're not just buying jeans. You've become a political activist on behalf of the Levi Strauss foundation that has deep roots in corporate America and in politics," he continued. "This is one of those examples, many such cases, a great American company sways from its values, and they become a political organization focused on turning the tides of culture and politics through the vessel of economics toward left-wing, hyper-progressive, globalist initiatives. It's a mess, and Levi's revealed their cards here." 

Posobiec then pointed out that Daniel Sachs Goldman, the Democratic Representative of the Wall Street district in New York, is actually the heir to the Levi Strauss fortune. The congressman is "one of the most ardent Russiagate-ers, someone who is a hardcore Neocon, someone who's incredibly anti-Trump." 

Watch the full episode below. 

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