'We can't wait for an appeal': Missouri AG Andrew Bailey on why he's suing New York over its political prosecution of President Trump

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey joined Jack Posobiec on Friday's episode of Human Events Daily during which they discussed his suit against the state of New York over its treatment of President Donald Trump, something that Bailey had announced on X the day before.

"It is time that people fight back against the law fair that is undermining our democratic process," Bailey explained, adding that "people all across this country are being denied access to a presidential candidate in the heat of one of the most consequential elections in this nation's history, and they're being denied that right by the apparatus of state government in New York."

He explained that the United States Supreme Court would have jurisdiction over the suit, which would be Missouri V New York, and encouraged other states "fight back" as well "because your citizens are also being deprived access to a presidential candidate in the middle of a campaign."

"This is election interference, and if we don't fight back, we will lose this country," the AG said. "That's why this is so important."

Posobiec then asked if this lawsuit would be able to "actually knock down some of these prosecutions" against the former president.

"I think at a minimum, staying the proceedings until after an election, and let's deal with it then," Bailey responded. He explained that "we can't wait for an appeal" of Trump's conviction because it would restrict him from campaigning and participating in the presidential election.

"If we went back to 1860, no one would think it okay for a rogue prosecutor in a southern state to take President Lincoln off the campaign trail on the eve of the Civil War for speaking out against slavery," Bailey said. "Well, that same thing is happening here today with President Trump. That's why it's so important for states to take the action necessary to represent their people, to ensure that they have access to the election process as well."

Watch the full episode below.

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