London fundraiser brings in millions for Donald Trump

On Wednesday evening, Australian actress Holly Valance hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump at her home in London, England. The event was attended by a number of big names in the political, business, and entertainment worlds, and is believed to have brought in millions for the former president's reelection campaign.

Some estimates have pinned the total raised at between $2 and $3 million, which would make it the most successful overseas Republican fundraiser to date. 

According to The Telegraph, attendees included Reform UK Party leader Nigel Farage, GOP political operative Richard Grenell, and Republicans Overseas UK's Greg Swenson. Donald Trump Jr. and his fiancée Kimberley Guilfoyle also showed up, with the former delivering a speech.

"Tons of euthusiasm from Americans across the globe to reelect Trump," the younger Trump wrote in a post on X. "It's time to send Biden to the retirement home where he belongs so we can Make America Great Again."

Grenell said he thought Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle "brought the British house down," describing the event an "incredible night of fundraising in London with a record breaking $2 million haul." He concluded his post with the phrase, "Make Europe Great Again #MEGA."

Grenell's sentiments were shared by Swenson, who said he believed Trump's recent guilty verdict played a role in the amount of money they were able to raise.

"I think this function was much more successful post-verdict than it would have been pre-verdict," he told The Telegraph. "The people that would write a $100 cheque are going to write $1,000, and the people writing a $10,000 cheque are going to write $25,000. It's amazing how much bigger the tickets became after the verdict, so our timing was fortunate."

Trump has managed to cash in on the verdict, raising hundreds of millions of dollars since it was handed down. In the four days after it was delivered, the former president raked in $200 million, nearly a third of which came from small-dollar donors.

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