AUSTIN PETERSEN: No, Bill Maher, the Trump verdict will not start a race war

Bill Maher is sounding the alarm about the supposed chaos that will ensue if former President Donald Trump ends up in jail. In his usual droll style, Maher dedicated multiple segments to discussing Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. While he has never been a fan of Trump, Maher surprisingly admits that he isn't thrilled about the idea of seeing the former president behind bars.

Maher’s main concern? That the MAGA crowd would "go nuts" if Trump is jailed. He even acknowledges the arguments of those who claim that if Trump were anyone else, he'd be looking at a cozy jail cell right now. But sending a former American president to jail? Maher isn't so sure that's the right move. "I mean, MAGA nation will go nuts," he mused. "I don’t know if that’s a reason to or not to do something, but they will."

He’s not alone in seeing it that way. Whether it’s rapper 50 cent suggesting that black men identify with Trump because "they've got RICO charges [too],” or the burgeoning coalition of Libertarians for Trump… the outcome of the New York verdict has opened a lot of people’s eyes to the two-tiered justice system in the United States. Anecdotally speaking, many prominent Libertarian Party activists have stated specifically that the New York conviction has solidified their decision to vote for him.

Judge Juan Merchan, a Latino, and prosecutor Alvin Bragg, who is black, will be the ones deciding Trump's fate, and Maher thinks this will send the MAGA crowd into a frenzy. Maher seems to be taking a page out of the Tim Pool playbook, predicting that a civil war could be on the horizon, one that he believes will inevitably become a race war. "A Black district attorney...the judge was not White. This is what it is," Maher warns. Is Maher projecting his own racial anxieties onto Trump supporters, or does he genuinely believe that Americans are so fragile?

I mean, a race war? In this economy? Frankly, the last time I heard this kind of talk was during the LA riots in the early 90’s, or when internet Nazis spread around copies of The Turner Diaries online to people inquiring about why Timothy McVeigh bombed the Murray Building in Oklahoma City. But outside of the Black Israelites or violent Antifa gangs, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a mainstream liberal predict a race war in the United States. Maher in particular is an odd specimen to be making this prediction; he's not exactly known for his affection for racialized politics. The man says more against wokeness than some conservatives for precisely that reason. Race war is the kind of thing that a Van Jones or an Ibram Kendi would talk about, but Bill Maher? The only conclusion I can come to is that even with all his unwoke opinions, Maher still has the same Hollywood liberal paranoia that everyone who votes Republican is a KKK member that has existed at least since the nineties.

But here’s a reality check for Maher and his leftist cronies: Trump supporters are not the unhinged, race-obsessed maniacs that they’re portrayed as. In fact, actual right wing race identitarian movement leaders are backing away from Trump because he’s too nice to the Jews. Actual Trump supporters who aren’t grifting antisemites on Twitter for ad revenue don’t care about the color of a judge’s skin; they care about justice and fairness. They see a witch hunt for what it is, and they’re not afraid to call it out.

But Maher is right about one thing: Trump’s legal troubles have only strengthened his support. The Trump campaign raised $1.5 million after the first day in court, and within 24 hours of the verdict, they pulled in a staggering $52.8 million. By April, donations had soared to $76 million. Now some estimates show as much as $141 million. The left’s attempt to bury Trump is backfiring spectacularly, as Americans rally behind him in record numbers.

Maher’s handwringing over a potential Trump jail sentence reveals a deeper fear: the fear that the left’s relentless attacks on Trump are driving more and more Americans into his camp. And guess what? They are. People are waking up to the left’s hypocrisy, their double standards, and their thinly veiled contempt for anyone who dares to challenge their narrative.

So, while Maher frets about a possible “race war” and MAGA nation "going nuts," the Trump campaign has a crack team of lawyers pushing that appeal. Trump lawyer and Missouri Attorney General candidate Will Scharf laid Clinton lapdop George Stephanopoulos out on a block in a contentious interview on ABC News. The mainstream left’s narrative against 45 is falling apart.

I don’t worry about unrest or race wars since I made the wise decision to exit the cities even before the COVID plandemic brainwashing turned even center left Democrats into full blown Stasi. Black Lives Matter protesters who tried to pull a 2020 would find a Kyle Rittenhouse behind every blade of grass. The Right has the black rappers and fully armed and highly medicated paranoiac libertarians on our side. If there were a race war, it would be Trump supporting Latinos, blacks, rooftop Koreans, and blue collared redneck men against unarmed affluent liberal white women and the xe/xirs who are afraid of those women. That war would be over quickly.

So please, Bill Maher, leave the fanciful talk of race wars alone and focus on the real battle for the soul of America taking place. You might find that you're closer to the winning side than you think.


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