Haiti's newly appointed prime minister hospitalized for breathing problems: report

Haiti's newly appointed Prime Minister Gary Conille was hospitalized on Saturday in Port-au-Prince. He is in stable condition and the government did not provide detailed information about his hospitalization other than the prime minister was feeling unwell after "a week of intense activities."

Conille's hospitalization comes just days after returning to the country, the Associated Press reports.

A person close to the PM, who spoke on anonymity, said Conille has a history of asthma and uses an inhaler. The unnamed source was with Conille when he appeared to have trouble breathing, the paper said.

High-ranking government officials were spotted visiting Conille at the hospital. This includes Frantz Elbe, director of Haiti's National Police, and Bruno Maes, Haiti's UNICEF representative.

Conille was elected as prime minister on May 28 and faces the grueling task of turning around the crime-stricken country that has been plagued by gang violence. Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean with the highest population.

Conille, who was appointed UNICEF's regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean in January 2023, had been working outside of the nation until he arrived in Haiti on June 1. Before that, he served as Haiti's PM from Oct. 2011 to May 2012.

The prime minister has spoken with a number of officials and explored several areas of Port-au-Prince. He even got into an armored car with members of the Haitian National Police, donning a helmet and flak jacket, and joined them on a patrol, per the outlet.

Conille visited Haiti's main international airport earlier on Saturday. It had been closed for about three months due to gang violence, but it has since reopened.

He had meetings with the heads of the two telecom companies in the nation on Friday in addition to members of the private business community.

Conille had been in regular meetings with the transitional council as well, discussing potential candidates for Haiti's next Cabinet, per AP.

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