JACK POSOBIEC and MIKE BENZ: Biden's AG creating 'FBI attack dog teams' to indict anyone who questions 2024 election

Jack Posobiec hosted Mike Benz on Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily during which they discussed the "Election Threat Task Force" that US Attorney General Merrick Garland is renewing after its launch 3 years ago, something which Benz called a "new hoax, same as the old hoax." 

"This is a predicate by the Justice Department to say that anybody who organizes in person or online around election fraud concerns is effectively a criminal is effectively a domestic terrorist," Benz explained. "Because if you create a presumption of insecurity about the voting process, then that puts the people administering the election process in danger because you're angry at them." 

He stated that the FBI would then be weaponized against anyone who said they didn't trust the voting process. Posobiec then noted that the revitalization of the task force indicated the DNC is "terrified of the 2024 election." 

Benz then said that Garland "may be the most corrupt official in all of Washington," adding, "One of the lessons from these past few months is that the Justice Department really is like the Strait of Gibraltar. It's this narrow strait that you have to pass through for the whole rest of government to function. And what you just laid out there with Merrick Garland, not just creating these fake FBI attack dog teams to basically indict anyone who has a question about the election, but then, effectively rigging the election by stopping states from being able to put basic checks on the validity of votes.” 

Watch the full episode below. 

Image: Title: Poso benz