5-year-old British boy mauled by XL bully, transported to hospital with head injuries

A 5-year-old British boy was mauled by an XL bully at a home in Hull on Monday. The child sustained head injuries and was transported to the hospital, the Daily Mail reports.

Humberside Police said the incident occurred around 11:45 am at a home located on Brazil Street. Police seized the canine from the home.

"We are working closely with the boy's family and the owner of the dog to understand the circumstances surrounding the incident. At this stage, the breed of dog is believed to be an XL bully-type and it has been seized as part of our inquiries," said Detective Chief Inspector Allison Sweeting.

The boy is recovering in the hospital after suffering injuries to the head, police said.

On February 1, it became illegal to own, sell, breed, gift, or rehome an XL bully in England and Wales without an exemption or certificate. This policy was put in place after 11 people were killed by this breed over the past few years. According to the new law, the dogs are required to be registered and must wear a muzzle while out in public. There are severe punishments put in place for those who do not abide by the rules.

Police said they are working with the boy's family and the owner of the dog to determine how the incident occurred.

The mauling of the 5-year-old comes just one day before a 15-year-old boy was attacked by an XL bully in South Wales on Tuesday. The teen is recovering in the hospital and sustained non-life threatening injuries. Authorities seized the dog and put it down, Metro reports.

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