EXCLUSIVE: General Mike Flynn reports military families are dissuading their children from enlisting

General Mike Flynn joined Jack Posobiec for a special Memorial Day episode of Human Events Daily Monday during which he reported that military families are dissuading their children from enlisting.

Posobiec began by asking Flynn his take on what has happened to institutions in the United States that have been "entrusted with the lives" of soldiers serving in the armed forces.

Flynn responded that there has been in fact a lack of trust between "the citizenry of our country and those that are serving in our military," adding that this is "probably one of the greatest national security threats that we can face in this country."

He explained that the most important element of trust is between those who are interested in joining the military and the "families of America who are going to give up their sons and daughters when they sign on that dotted line to potentially give their lives for this nations in the cause of freedom."

Flynn reported that both the US Navy and the US Army look like they will miss their recruiting goals this year. He said this will greatly affect the readiness and preparedness of future forces to face potential enemies of the country and that "our leadership at the highest levels in our military uniform and certainly the political appointees are failing our country right now, they're failing to men and women in uniform."

Posobiec said he has also heard of military families telling their children not to enlist.

Flynn stated that people who have served in past wars and conflicts are deterring their children away from joining the military because "the decisions that we're seeing coming out of our military leadership where they're forced feeding things like ... critical race theory, social-emotional learning, this whole notion of diversity, equity, and inclusivity."

"There's no safe spaces on a ship," he said. "There's no safe space that you can go to if you're behind a wall being shot at by some enemy who's trying to kill you. They don't think about diversity, they're not thinking about inclusivity or critical race theory. They're thinking about killing you."

Watch the full episode below.

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