ROD THOMSON: Imagine this is the first five minutes of Trump's second term

Within five minutes of President Donald Trump removing his hand from the Bible after being sworn in at the front of the U.S. Capitol building, as he steps forward to give his inaugural address, he pauses to text his team: “Code Clear House is a Go!”

With that text, immediate and sweeping actions are launched through the executive branch — actions which had been shaped and put into place following his November victory. The strategy is to blitz the entire corrupted federal government system in a lightning strike, immediately firing the heads of departments, starting with Attorney General Merrick Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, and rolling out executive orders that President Trump could begin signing as he gives his inaugural speech. The showmanship would be unmatched.

The Trump inaugural speech would explain exactly what his text just set in motion and what is happening as he is speaking. The most base visual would be aides bringing him pre-written executive orders for him to pause and sign as he continues his inaugural address. With each signature, he explains what he just put in place as President.

“My fellow Americans, there will be no pleasantries today. There is literally not a minute to waste in dismantling the American catastrophe that was the previous administration and restoring our Great Nation, starting with our southern border…”

President Trump pauses as he turns to his right to accept and sign an executive order, then closes the booklet and hands it back to his aide. Former President Biden looks on in his normal dumbfounded state. Jill Biden seethes next to him.

“I have just signed an executive order that closes our southern border immediately and reinstitutes our very successful Remain in Mexico policy. We will be sending U.S. Army units through the entire border, enforcing the closure of all illegal crossings. Every one of them. Be it known. Stop coming. You will not get in. Legal Commercial points of entry will be tightly controlled.”

President Trump pauses to turn to his left and accept and sign another executive order.

“I have just signed an executive order directing the Department of Homeland Security to develop operations for identifying the 10 million illegals — 10 million, do you believe it? — and plans for deporting those who do not have legitimate asylum claims in a very expedited fashion. And so you know, the former head of Homeland Security, who was such a disgrace to America, such a disgrace, has been fired and his office is being cleaned out as we speak.”

“We will regain control of our great southern border, we will restore order and we will remove the criminal gangs terrorizing our cities. The cartels are on notice right now that there is a new Commander in Chief in charge of America and we are no longer open for their fentanyl and human trafficking business. Those that persist along our border will be dealt with as we deal with any enemy attacking our country.”

President Trump pauses to sign another document.

“I have just signed directives to our military commanders on the rules of engagement for dealing with the cartels. They will be very, very effective. The previous administration of radical leftists and incompetents destroyed our strong economy. In my first term, we had the strongest, best economy ever, with the lowest unemployment rate for minority Americans and the fastest income growth for our great American workers. But as usual, the former administration screwed it up…”

President Trump pauses to sign another document.

“I have just signed an executive order creating the Restore the Great American Economy team, which will have on my desk within 30 days solid plans for tax cuts for everyone, tariffs on countries to compete unfairly, such as China, and regulatory relief to restore what the previous administration broke.”

President Trump pauses to sign another document.

“I have just signed an executive order to break up the FBI into four separate law enforcement agencies, operating under separate departments. The FBI’s unAmerican, dangerous surveillance and attacks on myself, my family, my team, protesters from January 6, parents at school board meetings, people praying at abortion clinics, political opponents and more will not be tolerated by the American people any longer. Some of the law enforcement is required, but it can be accomplished without having a mammoth security state organization that is a threat to Americans and our rights. And so you know, the Attorney General has also been fired and his office is being cleaned out.”

President Trump pauses to sign another document.

“I have just signed an executive order to cut the IRS in half. Americans pay more than enough in taxes already. The previous administration funded 80,000 new agents and wanted to arm them with guns! Do you believe that? We will roll back all of those, plus cut a lot more. The savings will go right back to Americans in our tax cuts for hard workers.”

President Trump pauses to sign another document.

“I have just signed an executive order restoring American energy independence. We will open up thousands of acres for oil exploration and fracking, and we will reduce the constant taxpayer money for green energy. When the market works for green energy, and great American companies make it happen, that will be terrific. But billion dollar companies will not be getting billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies from hard-working Americans.”

President Trump pauses to sign another document.

“I have just signed an executive order eliminating the Department of Education. There are some good people there, but it has become too partisan and too political with an agenda that is anti-education. I am returning all education responsibilities back to each state and local jurisdiction, where they belong. We’ve had this Jimmy Carter department for too long, and it is going away. Going away.”

President Trump concludes his inaugural speech with executive orders creating his Mideast Peace Restoration Team, his End the Ukraine War Team, and naming his nominees for Attorney General and Homeland Security. He explains that all of the executive orders will be online within 24 hours for all Americans to read.

“Every action I take will be challenged in court. Some will require Congress to act. But I assure you we will accomplish them all. Many are accomplished already! America is embarking on the greatest four years we have ever known. We will get it all done for the American people and we WILL Make America Great Again! God bless America!”

Rod Thomson is a former daily newspaper reporter and columnist, Salem radio host and ABC TV commentator, and current Founder of The Thomson Group, a Florida-based political consulting firm. He has eight children and seven grandchildren and a rapacious hunger to fight for America for them. Follow him on Twitter at @Rod_Thomson. Email him at [email protected].

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