DAVID KRAYDEN: Democrats can only win with Biden if they lock him in the basement and lock down America

When you have a presidential candidate who is painfully and obviously suffering from dementia, who can’t find the men’s room during a state dinner and who has to be literally led about by his wife or handlers at a reception, how do you expect him to win an election?

Well, how does President Joe Biden remain in office? Because obviously that’s who we’re talking about. 

Biden is the most carefully stage-managed president of the modern age, perhaps of any age. What I term the Biden Paradox is that it has proven possible to showcase this highly debilitated leader of what should be such obvious decrepitude in an age of incessant 24/7 news and withering social media. Because the reality is impossible to market, the Democratic communications team has opted to assiduously present an Alternate Universe Biden, one who can speak coherently for about 30 minutes before the effect of the drugs evaporates. Biden is effectively a hologram that is merely a passing visual without much interaction, lest the illusion becomes too evident. Bad poll numbers are something to be ignored

Biden has become the most painfully obvious and perpetual liar of all American presidents. It’s not that he won’t tell you the truth about the large issues; it’s that he can’t tell you the truth about anything. So we hear the jaw-dropping tales of Biden being arrested in South Africa for protesting Apartheid and defending Nelson Mandela; of Biden the civil rights leader, so cozy in black churches, and not the rank segregationist who considered Jim Crow a “source of black pride.” But he repeats the old lies with such rapidity and regularity because he has apparently come to believe every one of them is true. His son, Beau Biden, did not die in Iraq or in uniform but Biden has told the story that way so many times that he must actually think it happened that way. 

So the less seen of Biden the better. Any appearance is pregnant with high volatile risk. He ran in the 2020 election as a man completely allergic to public appearances, news conferences, talk shows, even small talk with reporters. He spent much of his campaign in his basement, rarely surfacing in public. He performed poorly against President Donald Trump in the presidential debates.

The mainstream media buried the Hunter Biden laptop story and all the attendant documentation that Joe Biden was not only in rapid physical decline but clearly had been in steep moral and ethical deterioration for decades, as he profited from high office and was always for sale to the highest bidder. He won the 2020 presidential election despite never attracting more than a modest crowd at drive-in campaign events and amid some pretty obvious indications that the election was characterized by abuse. 

At 81, Biden is the oldest American in history to run for president and his passion for indolence would not have been adversely noted in another age. His evasive and sleepwalking approach to campaigning was actually the norm in the nineteenth century, when presidential candidates and especially incumbents effectively ran for office – not quite in their basements – but at least from their front porches and wouldn’t countenance publicly confronting their opponent with something like a debate or town hall. 

But didn’t television make the presidential candidate a public figure? We have all heard how Sen. John F. Kennedy was perceived to have won his presidential debates with Vice President Richard Nixon in 1960 because Kennedy was the better looking of the two. Even if he wasn’t nearly as healthy as he looked, he eclipsed the perspiring Nixon who eschewed makeup and didn’t yet fully realize that  “the medium is the message,” as Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan would describe it.

So it didn’t matter if Nixon performed well during the debates in terms of content; that he was exceptionally well-briefed on the issues; and was not over-awed by Kennedy – a man he was actually good friends with and had been for more than a decade.

The people believed what they saw.

And today, they are told not to believe what they see. Biden, so the administration flaks would have you believe, is as sharp as a tack and quick, really quick on the draw. He doesn’t miss a thing. What about how he waves at people and acknowledges guests at official state functions or either aren’t there or who are long dead? Just ignore that. He will pull it together for a good 20 minutes during a State of the Union address where he will insist crime is down all over America and he has reduced the bloated national debt. 

The horrible story about his uncle being devoured by cannibals during the Second World War? Well that’s just the way Joe remembers that one. You have to allow an old man his memories.

If you look at pictures of President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Yalta Summit in 1945, he appears to be very sick – and he was. He had weeks to live. He had been reelected in 1944 for the fourth time because a majority of Americans wanted to see him remain in the presidency until victory over Germany and Japan. But even in his twilight months, Roosevelt didn’t appear to be as unable to perform his duties as Biden does today.

So it takes remarkable cheek for the Democrats to run a presidential candidate who is clearly unfit for office and who is clearly not in control of that office. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is most probably running foreign policy at the White House these days – given Biden’s desperate state of affairs, I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing because Blinken is a public affairs officer who has been promoted well above his level of competency and expertise. 

So as former President Donald Trump again outstrips Biden at every campaign stop, drawing huge and enthusiastic crowds and looking at least 15 year younger than the four years older Biden, how do Democrats hope to pull it off again – barring a massively rigged election that would be so obvious even the networks would have to admit something was amiss?

I’m not dismissing a rigged election, but the Dems have earlier plans. 

They will confine Biden to quarters – again. They will fight the campaign from that Delaware basement where the controlled atmosphere of a laboratory is possible. You put him on the Howard Stern show where Biden can appear vaguely hip – even if his host has long since been dismissed as a salacious senior citizen. 

They will have another virtual and very surreal Democratic National Convention that celebrates the affected insouciance but obvious febrile makeup of the party. That way, the party bosses can both isolate Biden and avert the anticipated protesters who are furious they have been provided with no other choice for a decrepit old man and former segregationist who now spies white supremacists under every bed. 

And they will create another crisis that supposedly necessitates lockdowns and lots of mail-in voting that is subject to huge abuse. Is it any coincidence that we are again hearing the dire warnings of plague because of a bird flu fear? Will we be soon hearing that masks and social distancing are not enough because this pandemic is everywhere in the air and the only defense is surrendering to the confines of your bedroom? So get another junk vaccine and don’t leave the house because it’s pandemic time again. You’re lucky enough to be having a presidential election at all with another crisis like this – so just get used to a candidate who is just considering his personal safety.

It sounds like a plan. But it isn’t. Americans wised up long ago to these already stale tactics and aren’t going to be taken again. They aren’t listening to MSNBC or the daily comedy skit hosted by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. They know the jig is up and it is damn apparent to them that Joe Biden should not be running for city council, let alone the presidency. Americans might be at the mercy of a deliberately debilitating open border; might be crushed by over $34 trillion of debt; and might be on the precipice of economic catastrophe.

But they are going to have a free election and they are going to exercise their democratic rights.

They won’t relinquish that, not yet anyway. 

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