JACK POSOBIEC and MIKE BENZ: Why is self-immolation prevalent in America right now?

News broke during Human Events Daily Friday that a man had set himself on fire outside of the courthouse where Donald Trump's trial was taking place in NYC. Host Jack Posobiec and guest Mike Benz of Foundation for Freedom Online dove into why America has seen multiple self-immolations this year, including, most famously, Aaron Bushnell outside the Israel Embassy.

Posobiec pointed out that self-immolation used to be associated with Buddhists during the Vietnam War, stating, "We never really saw this in America since the 1970s. So what's going on?"

Benz called it a "faux desperation" given the fact that "Soros prosecutors" will not prosecute many other acts of violent protest.

"This is the sort of thing that our press used to lionize when foreign populations would do such a thing, for example, in Tiananmen Square standing before the tank," Benz explained, "or these kinds of light yourself on fire demonstrations that were lionized by US press during the Arab Spring."

Posobiec then noted that, because of the openness of X as a community platform, it would only be "a matter of time" before people found out the man's history and reasoning behind the act. 

It was determined that the man's name was Max Azzarello, a self-proclaimed investigative researcher and "a huge proponent of left unity" who threw pamphlets with a link to his substack. A majority of this information was disseminated to the masses via the X platform.

This is why, as Posobiec mentioned, the regime works so hard to shut the platform down.

Watch the full episode below.

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