JACK POSOBIEC and DR TAYLOR MARSHALL: The right pushes back when Christians express their faith because 'they are afraid they have already conceded loss'

Jack Posobiec hosted renowned Catholic author Dr. Taylor Marshall on Human Events Daily Wednesday in the aftermath of a bishop being stabbed by a 15-year-old reportedly screaming "Allahu Akbar" in Sydney, Australia on Sunday.

When Posobiec asked Marshall why attacks specifically on Christians seem to be happening presently, Marshall replied that "God is not at the center of our culture, our civilization, our laws, our families, etc. And so that's going to create a vacuum, and Satan will fill that vacuum."

Posobiec then noted that whenever a Christian outwardly expresses their faith, they receive not only pushback from the left but also now from the right side of the political spectrum as well.

"There's a very important reason for that," Marshall explained. "The reason you get pushback from right, is that they are afraid they have already conceded loss. They believe that we are abandoned, we are forsaken, there is no way out. So we should continue to roll over and appease our masters and maybe they'll still let us go to church once a week on Sunday maybe."

He called this mentality "weakness," adding that "that's not how society was transformed" from a pagan-based society through the works of America's forefathers and the Church's leaders.

"What happened over time is there was influence by Christian men and women believers who brought the light in, the love of Jesus Christ, infused it into cultural structures," Marshall stated. "And you saw something beautiful and brilliant happen. You saw Christendom, you saw the erection of hospitals, orphanages, universities, everything that makes our tradition great came after the advent of Jesus Christ in our culture."

The bishop who was attacked, Bishop Mari Emmanuel was not only a prominent Catholic figure but also a vocal conservative, speaking against issues such as vaccines and the forced infiltration of LGBTQ+ into schools and culture. He also, notably, spoke out about the "effect that Islam is having on Europe and in other parts of the world," according to Marshall.

The assailant attempted to stab Emmanual in the face.

"This means that darkness is in our face," Marshall said.

However, the attacker was unsuccessful at killing the bishop and even cut his own finger off during the incident as the switchblade did not fully open.

"Our Lord Jesus Christ says live by the sword, die by the sword," Marshall said. "He tried to pull the weapon on on this on this bishop Marya manual and the blade came back on him."

Watch the full episode below.

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