AVI ABELOW: Israel's only choice is total victory

There is every reason in the world for the Western enlightened world, led by the Biden administration in the USA, to support Israel as it fights a war against the Iranian octopus of terror proxies around the Middle East.

First of all, Iran is an enemy of the USA as it is an enemy of Israel. And Iran is behind the attacks on Israel from Hamas in Gaza, for Hizbullah in Lebanon and Syria and from the Houthis in Yemen. For that reason alone, the Biden administration should support Israel.

Beyond that, Israel is fighting the most just war in the world today. 

Imagine if Mexico infiltrated into the USA and brutally massacred tens of thousands of innocent Americans in their homes, raped the women, burned babies and kidnapped thousands of innocent Americans of all ages back into Mexico. How would the USA, or any self-respecting country respond? It would go to war against the perpetrators, end the threat so that it never happens again, and do everything possible to return the hostages. 

That is exactly what Israel is doing today in Gaza.

On top of that, past performance of US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan clearly prove that Israel is being much more careful with minimizing civilian casualties than the US military. Urban war expert John Spencer continues to share the data on how the rate of civilian casualties to terrorists in Gaza is the lowest of any war. 

Yet, despite all of these facts, the Western world, with President Biden at the helm, has consistently been putting more pressure on Israel, the victim, to stop the war, than on Hamas, the perpetrator of the horrific Oct. 7th massacre, to surrender and release our remaining 134 captives, alive or dead.

Every day we hear more and more threats made by the Biden administration against Israel, with no threats or pressure at all towards Hamas, or Iran and Qatar, Hamas’ financial backers.

This is a truly insane reality with a confusion in the West between good and evil.

People ask ‘what can Israel do to change the PR war to regain the support of the Western world?’ The answer is simple. Nothing. 

Israel is already fighting this war with more concern for the enemy population than for protecting Israelis and saving our captives, due to US pressure, and even that is not helping Israel in the PR war. 

Israel is being forced to give more and more humanitarian aid to Gaza, when everyone knows that Hamas takes most of that aid to continue their war against us and hold on to our captives. 

No country can win a war like that. 

I’m afraid that it must be internalized that the Biden administration is not pressuring Israel because of bad PR; the Biden administration is pressuring Israel because it is most probably following former US Secretary of State Kissinger’s doctrine of “let them bleed, so that we can then squeeze them” with diplomacy, as the Nixon/Kissinger administration did to Israel back in the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Another war that surprised Israel, with a massive amount of Israeli casualties, that the US administration stopped Israel from winning, and then squeezed us diplomatically. Why? Because the Kissinger doctrine was to keep allies around the world weak so as not to disrupt the global order of world powers.

So, what is Israel to do today in such a situation of fighting in as moral a way as possible to protect her citizens, without the approval of our allies?

Israel only has one choice. Israel must win this war, despite the pressure from the Biden administration. Israel has no other choice. Israeli citizens from down South and from up North will not return to their homes until they no longer fear a repeat of the Oct. 7th infiltration from our borders. And that will only happen when Israel has a total victory, with no terrorists or arms in Gaza or in Southern Lebanon.

But even that is not enough. As former Brigadier General (res) Amir Avivi has explained in Israel’s parliament a few months ago, we must learn the lessons from Iraq, Afghanistan and Southern Lebanon on how not to act after a military victory, because all three of those cases were failures. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the US was not able to remain with a military presence, because the US public got fed up with military losses. So, after years of defeating the enemy, the enemy took back control after a US retreat in both of those countries. 

The same thing happened in Southern Lebanon with Israel. After securing Israel’s Northern border for years with a military presence in a security zone in Southern Lebanon, public pressure over IDF losses in the area then caused Israel to retreat in the middle of the night, allowing Hezbollah to take control over Southern Lebanon once again and threaten Israel from its border.

Hence, Brigadier General (res) Avivi explained that the only way for a military to properly secure a population is when there is also a civilian population living in the area. A military presence alone without a supportive civilian population does not work. 

Ultimately, the only solution for Israel in Gaza and Southern Lebanon, two areas with dangerous threats to Israel’s civilian population, is to have both a military and an Israeli civilian presence in the Gaza Strip and Southern Lebanon. That is the only way to ensure that the terrorists don’t return to endanger our citizens. 

On top of that, the other important reason for Israel to resettle Jews in both Gaza and Southern Lebanon, is to return to the basics of war - the best deterrent against an enemy is that if they attack and lose, then they lose the land that they attack you from. There is no better rule of deterrence than that.

Can Israel do this in today’s geo-political climate? Obviously not. However, ultimately, in order for Israel to return and protect her citizens, that is the only solution that will deter her enemies from ever attacking her citizens again.

As President Trump always says, “peace through strength”. There is nothing that gives across the message of strength more than making the enemy pay a steep price, with the loss of land, for their brutal aggression.

In conclusion, the Biden administration can threaten Israel with whatever it wants; with withholding weapons, with withdrawing support for Israel at the United Nations, even with threatening Israel with fabricated war crimes, but those threats won’t make a difference. At the end of the day, the Israeli government will do what any self-respecting government would do when its citizens are under threat of attack, it will continue this war until we have total victory and end the threat of our enemies on our civilian population for good.

Israel's concern for good PR has not worked and it won't work. The only solution for Israel to continue this war is total victory.

Israelis have no other choice.

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