Female suspect in child kidnapping, murder killed by Mexican mob after dragging her from police car

A child kidnap and murder suspect was beaten to death by an unruly mob in Mexico after the group dragged her out of a police vehicle in Taxco.

The woman who was beaten to death was allegedly caught on surveillance video footage helping to dispose of the dead body of 8-year-old Camila Gomez Ortega who went missing on Wednesday, per the Daily Mail.

The autopsy report shows that the child had been raped and asphyxiated.

Video footage captured a mob of locals dragging the woman's body out of the police vehicle in the Mexican tourist town and beating her in the street. Police attempted to intervene but were overpowered by the mob, which forced the officers to surrender the woman's body to the mob. Two male suspects were also reportedly beaten by the mob.

The incident occurred outside the home of the three suspected murderers after the victim's family members were able to track down their location. The family reportedly asked police to arrest the trio but officers initially did not comply. This resulted in a mob swarming the home and trying to get the suspects to come outside.

Police then stepped in and attempted to take the suspects into custody. While officers were placing the female suspect in the back of the police vehicle, the mob grabbed ahold of her and dragged her out, which is when the beatings started.

After the mob stopped beating the female suspect, she was transported to the hospital and died from her injuries. Two male suspects allegedly involved in the incident were also beaten by the mob, but not killed

Following the incident, a local woman told the Associated Press: "We are fed up. This time it was an 8-year-old girl."

"This is the result of the bad government we have. This isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened, but this is the first time the people have done something," she said.

Camila Gomez Ortega went missing on Wednesday when she went to walk to her neighbor's house.

According to the Mexican media outlet Excelsior, surveillance footage surfaced of a woman in the same neighborhood carrying a basket of clothes into a taxi and assisting a man in carrying a bundle, believed to be the young girl, in the trunk of the cab.

The same day, the victim's body was discovered on the outskirts of the city.

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