JACK POSOBIEC: The heroes of the bridge collapse were the construction workers

On Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec shared exclusive footage of himself at the Baltimore Scott Key Bridge after it collapsed in the morning, leaving 6 construction workers unaccounted for.

The bridge was struck by a DALI cargo ship in the early hours of Tuesday after the crew issued out a "mayday" warning.

"Now the search and rescue for any of these construction workers, these contractors were, we're told, fixing potholes on the bridge when this ship collided with it and destroyed it," Posobiec explained. 

He continued, "If you watch the video very carefully, very closely, when the ship collides directly with the support column there, you don't actually see any vehicles that are up on the bridge itself."

"There's a story and that's now emerging, that the construction workers that were up there fixing potholes in the middle of the night away from their families, making a buck, working hard," Posobiec said, "that those guys went out, put down their tools and didn't try to save themselves."

"They went over and they stopped traffic on the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Patapsco River, Chesapeake Bay going into Baltimore Harbor.

"These construction workers, these guys put down what they were doing, and got up to warn traffic off of the bridge to try to stop traffic to warn people from getting out there."

He said that they "potentially saved many lives in doing so, sacrificing themselves to save other people's lives."

At the time of the release of the episode, reports had indicated that 1 or 2 of the construction workers had been pulled from the river alive and that a search and rescue team from the US Coast Guard was looking for the remaining in the river.

"These guys are heroes," he concluded. "They're all heroes and we're going to get the names as soon as it's released."

Watch the full episode below.


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