LAUREN CHEN: Climate protesters disrupt DEI conference to accuse Chevron CEO of 'mass murder' of 'indigenous women'

Climate protesters disrupted a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conference to accuse the Chevron CEO of committing “mass murder” of “indigenous women” by drilling fossil fuels.

The climate activist group Climate Defiance took responsibility for storming the stage during Chevron CEO Mike Wirth’s interview at the 2024 Catalyst Awards in Midtown, Manhattan on March 12. The group said that protesters “chased him out” of the event, where he was discussing “the role of engaged men in gender inclusivity.”

The event centered around “gender equity” for “advocates of diversity, equity and inclusion” according to the organization’s website, and tickets went for approximately $2,000 each. The conference was focused on celebrating “the collective impact of individuals committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion—who together can create massive change.” Several prominent speakers were also in attendance, including Hillary Clinton, Harvard University professor Claudia Goldin, and marketing as well as DEI associates from companies such as Sephora, Target, Google, Marriot, and more.

The agitators surrounded Wirth on stage with banners and signs reading “Chevron poisons indigenous women,” and “Mike Lies People Die.”

“Chevron is responsible for killing thousands of indigenous women and exposing thousands more to cancer and reproductive illness,” one female protester said as the group piled onto the stage. “You are not an ally of women. You are a murderer!” she continued.

Once on stage, another protester shouted at the Chevron CEO, “Women and children are suffering at your hands and you’re here accepting a DEI award. Mike Wirth, we have a question: How do you sleep at night knowing you’re a mass murderer?”

The group then accused Wirth and Chevron of contributing to the purported “genocide” of Palestinians in Gaza, amidst Israel’s ongoing conflict with the terror group Hamas in the region.

“Chevron is also increasing offshore gas drilling with Israel in the midst of a genocide against the Palestinian people,” a protester insisted.

Wirth then exited the stage with security and the group of manic protesters following closely behind him. The group began to repeatedly chant “Mike lies, women die!” in addition to calling him a “piece of sh*t.”

Please be advised that the following video contains explicit language.


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