AUSTIN PETERSEN: Stop calling for Biden to step aside

In the grand theatre of American politics, where the absurd often trumps reason, our dear octogenarian Commander-in-Chief is having more than just a bad hair day. It's been a week of gaffes, blunders, and oh-so-awkward moments that make you wonder if he’s secretly auditioning for a sitcom rather than running a country.

Let’s face it: Joe Biden, with his penchant for verbal misadventures -- like "Lincoln Riley" -- is the gift that keeps on giving. Not just to late-night comedians, but ironically, to his political adversaries. Why? Because in the land of the politically blind, the one-eyed man is king. And in this case, the one-eyed man might just be Donald Trump.

Biden, in his ever-eloquent manner, has proclaimed his campaign to be about America and the people. A noble sentiment, if only we could be sure he remembers which country he’s president of, or who he’s talking to. Remember the time he confused French President Mitterrand (who's been enjoying his eternal rest since 1996) with his contemporary counterpart? Remember "Sisi, the president of Mexico?" Classic Biden!

Now, let’s not forget Trump. He’s no stranger to verbal fumbles himself. But here’s the kicker: people seem more forgiving of Trump’s blunders. Why? Maybe it's because they see his gaffes as part of his 'tell-it-like-it-is' charm, rather than signs of cognitive decline.

So here’s the conundrum for the Republicans: Why would you force the most inept possible opponent -- and your best shot at the White House -- to step aside because of a few (hundred) gaffes? I mean, let's not be hasty. After all, we’ve seen presidents with far worse issues. Take Woodrow Wilson, for instance, who was practically an invalid for a while, leaving his wife to run the show. But did the country collapse? Well… okay, there were the biggest wars in history and the Great Depression, but looking at Ukraine and inflation, we seem to be back on that train already.

Granted, Biden’s escapades with misremembering names and countries have been more than a little concerning. It’s like watching your grandpa trying to navigate a smartphone – endearing but mildly alarming. The recent poll numbers are not doing him any favors either, with him losing in key battleground states he won last time. But here’s a thought: maybe, just maybe, this is the best thing that could happen to the GOP?

Think about it. With Biden as the Democratic frontrunner, the Republicans could practically waltz into the White House. Why? Because next to Biden's memory lapses, Trump's gaffes look almost... presidential. Invoking the 25th Amendment would be a mistake. Besides, if we set the precedent, the Dems are absolutely going to try it with Trump. Let’s keep that Pandora box closed at least for now.

The Democrats certainly are keeping it closed, though heaven knows why, after the continuing drip drip drip of revelations from Special Counsel Robert Hur that portraying Biden as a forgetful old man -- a man who can't even remember what year his predecessor was elected -- might just win over the jury’s sympathy. Legally, Hur was probably right, but that certainly hasn't helped the Left's narrative that Biden is capable behind closed doors, even though they've been trying as best they can to pretend that Hur did Biden dirty after the transcript of his interview with Biden leaked this week. Given Biden's abysmal poll numbers, you have to wonder why they bother, until you remember that his Vice President is so unlikable she might as well be the star in a woke biopic of Typhoid Mary, and yet if he dropped out, they'd be forced to nominate her for fear of triggering the types of voters who whine endlessly about "misogynoir" when they're not reposting Hamas propaganda. Next to Kamala, in other words, a president who misremembers the names of murdered American citizens, confuses countries, and mishandles classified documents might as well be FDR reincarnated.

But he isn't, which is why the GOP might want to think twice before ditching Biden. After all, in a race where the bar is set so low, he might just be their ticket to victory. Remember, in the land of the politically blind, the one-eyed man is king. And in this case, that one-eyed man just might lead us all out of the desert and into the promised land of picking another three Supreme Court justices.

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