AVI ABELOW: Pressuring Israel to accept a two-state solution will backfire

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken recently said during an interview at the World Economic Forum's summit in Davos, Switzerland (quoted by NBC News) “There’s a profound opportunity for regionalization in the Middle East, in the greater Middle East that we have not had before, the challenge is realizing it.”

Blinken is referring to the opportunity to establish a state called “palestine,” to which Netanyahu and his government must make “the right decision about”.

The one major thing the Biden administration is ignoring is reality, specifically, the reality of the mindset of the Jewish people in Israel today.

To Jews in Israel, the Biden administration's pressure to set up a Palestinian state sounds like this - ‘Over 1,000 innocent Jews were just massacred by Arab Muslims in Gaza, and the solution to this massacre is rewarding the genocidal murderers with a state.'

Most Israelis today understand that the creation of a state called palestine not only will not improve their security, but it will worsen our security, as the message the Biden administration is giving over is that our enemies get rewarded for massacring Jews, not punished.

To those who say, 'but Hamas is the enemy and the Palestinian Authority is the good guy,' one just has to look for the words and acts of condemnation from Palestinian Authority officials. There are none. Not only that, but many Palestinian Authority officials, including Jabril Rajoub, touted as a potential successor to PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, publicly supported the massacre and said that more Oct. 7th massacres will occur in Judea and Samaria.

Hence, Surveys in Israel today show that most Israelis, including previously two-state supporters, now support the voluntary migration of Gaza Arabs and are against the creation of a state called palestine.

This is the reality that the Biden administration prefers to ignore.

No matter the pressure of the Biden administration, the Israeli people will not allow for the creation of an additional, proven terror state intent on killing Jews and destroying Israel.

Unfortunately, this is not the only reality in the Middle East that the Biden administration is ignoring.

Hamas is an Iranian proxy, as is Hizbullah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen. Iran is a terror state with octopus tentacles literally creating havoc in the Middle East on many fronts, including having the Houtis actively attack and block three major shipping routes that connect the Far East with the Western hemisphere.

The Biden administration's policy of appeasement, forcing Israel to accept the creation of a terror state called palestine, does nothing to stop the multi-pronged terror war of Iran across the Middle East causing global instability.

The first way the US can show Iran they are serious about stopping their aggression in the Middle East, is by supporting Israel in this war against Hamas, not by rewarding Hamas and the Palestinian Authority for massacring Jews, which also rewards Iran.

And how should the US support Israel in defeating Hamas?

The U.S. should allow Israel to set its own policies and support whatever Israel deems necessary to end the evil that massacred, raped and mutilated 1,200 innocent people and took some 240 hostages. In addition, the Biden administration should openly call on Muslim countries to take in Gaza refugees.

Biden must understand that Hamas is not merely a terrorist organization. Its ambitions go well beyond terrorism. Its ideology, rooted in the ethnic cleansing of “infidels,” threatens every non-Muslim in the Middle East.

This is how the US can work with Israel to not only end the terror threat from Gaza, but also send a strong message against Iranian aggression in the Middle East, that threatens the whole freedom-loving world.

Avi Abelow is the host of the
Pulse of Israel Broadcast and the CEO of 12Tribe Films Foundation.

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