JACK POSOBIEC and MIKE BENZ: When the dust settles, Ukraine will be 'the largest operation in CIA history'

Jack Posobiec hosted guest Mike Benz on Human Events Daily Thursday to hear his take on the New York Times article that detailed the CIA's involvement in Ukraine prior to the Russia invasion, which Benz said will reveal itself to be "the largest operation in CIA history."

The pair unpacked the reasoning behind the New York Times releasing their story which essentially agreed with what conservative commentators such as Posobiec have been saying since the war began.

"This is actually such a shocking moment in American journalist history," Benz stated. "These are highly highly, highly classified operations."

He said that "It's my contention that when the dust settles on this, the Ukraine skirmish in the aftermath of the 2014 Maidan coup is going to ultimately be the largest operation in CIA history."

Compared to the CIA's Syrian operation under Barack Obama, which was revealed to be the most expensive operation up to this point, Ukraine will blow it out of the water once all said and done, Benz said.

Posobiec clarified that Benz was implying the NYT article was a "limited hangout" when "an operation becomes so compromised, or public knowledge or public interest becomes so obvious around something," that the CIA begins to unveil pieces of the big picture, like an "onion."

When the US involved itself in Ukraine in the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Brennan era, "We were riding high and riding dirty. And that's what this was, we thought we were unstoppable and we could just coup anyone we wanted, there'd never be any repercussions, and no one would ever stand up for themselves, and Russia would never actually backstop it," Benz said.

This, however, was a "serious miscalculation."

"And when it turned out that their own population didn't support these dirty tricks, either in the form of the rise of a populace presidential candidate like Donald Trump who was running on putting America first in domestic priorities over foreign policy," he explained, "then all hell broke loose."


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