JACK POSOBIEC and RAHEEM KASSAM: Law and order for American citizens cannot take second place to 'geopolitical adventure' in Ukraine

Jack Posobiec hosted Raheem Kassam on Human Events Daily Tuesday, during which the two discussed the US government's involvement with the war in Ukraine, and starkly contrasted it to its involvement in issues on its own soil such as illegal immigration. Namely, the murder of 20-year-old Laken Riley at the hands of an immigrant who bludgeoned her to death.

"How could any government equate some sort of geopolitical adventure to something as basic as law and order and the safety and security of your citizens?" Posobiec asked.

Kassam explained that, from what he's noticed, the Left will take anything the Right wants or does not want and will say they want the exact opposite, so long as it it benefitting them. 

"You see the psyops beginning," he said. "Not just from that perspective, but from the TikTok perspective, right, you see them starting from the NATO perspective as well."

"Essentially," Posobiec agreed, "if you come out and say ... 'I'm for deportations, I'm against illegal immigrants, I want more border security,' then the Democrats are going to say, 'No, we don't want any of those things. We don't want safety. We don't want security.'"

Using abortion as another example, Kassam highlighted how Trump would be "booed" whether he said "abortions for all" or "abortions for none."

"But still, even on the compromise point that Donald Trump has been making in recent months," he said. "The chorus from the globalist left from the progressive left from the corporate class has still been 'boo.' So again, my point being, whatever this guy comes out and says, they will oppose."


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