JACK POSOBIEC: 'Are you ready for President Kamala Harris?'

Jack Posobiec hosted Human Events Daily live from CPAC in Washington DC Thursday during which he revealed he received information from an inside source that tensions in the White House between President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been high.

He said that he "got receipts from inside the Biden White House itself, and the Biden White House is pressing the panic button."

"I've got this from a trusted staffer inside Biden's own White House," Posobiec said before revealing, "The amount of attitude going on around the age ordeal is ridiculous ... The insults between Team Kamala and Team Biden at are a fever pitch. Advisors who should be talking to each other in a presidential year [are] refusing to talk to each other, and Biden's own cabinet is starting to lose confidence in him."

He then said that "there are actually people in Biden's cabinet according to this that are discussing the 25th Amendment."

Posobiec addressed the crowd: "Are you folks ready for President Kamala Harris, the first female president?"

The crowd responded with enthusiastic booing.

Jill Biden, as Posobiec highlighted, has been trying to keep up appearances for her husband, but is no longer able to at his current mental and physical state.

"I want everyone to be steely-eyed on this," he said. "They are going to prop this Weekend at Bernie's-type candidate back into office if we let them so that they continue the pillaging of our once great nation and the destruction of our once great cities."

"I say no, I say it's time for us to put Donald J Trump back in office so we can finish the job that he started all the way back in 2016," Posobiec concluded amid cheers from patriots in attendance.

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