EXCLUSIVE: Kari Lake says 'President Trump is the man' to turn America around

Kari Lake joined Jack Posobiec on Human Events Daily Friday, broadcasted live from CPAC, during which she declared that President Donald Trump will be the person to turn the country around.

She said she feels "confident" that the US can escape globalism should Donald Trump win the 2024 presidency and return to office.

In his last term he was able to accomplish a lot, she said, "even though he had, you know, the deep state working against him. Now imagine that the people are with him and he has some backup and support in Washington DC."

She pointed to countries such as El Salvador and Hungary which, under the proper leadership of Nayib Bukele and Viktor Orbin, respectively, were able to completely turn their trajectory around and thrive.

Posobiec added that Javier Millei was able to achieve a budget surplus in Argentina in just a couple of weeks of being in office by slashing his administrative state.

"What we have to do, though, is use every ounce of our energy to get out there and make it happen by November of 2024. And keep in mind, we already know what the policies are. We know how to turn this around. But we just have to realize the power that we hold when we work together," Lake said, adding that, "President Trump is the man to do this."

She believes the US may be able to achieve a budget surplus as well "when we are not pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into endless wars overseas."

"Think about what we could have done with that money here at home. We could have solved the water crisis in the West, we could have built the wall, we could have given Americans who want good jobs but don't have the training job training. Or for goodness sake, we could have returned a whole lot of money back to the taxpayer," Lake said.

Lake is campaigning for a seat in the US Senate, representing Arizona. 

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