POSO and LIBBY EMMONS at CPAC: The mainstream media wanted the KC parade shooters to be 'MAGA'

Libby Emmons joined Jack Posobiec at CPAC in Washington DC on Wednesday's episode of Human Events Daily where they discussed the Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl Parade shooting.

"You can see that this is basically a gang violence situation," Emmons stated.

Both pointed out that Kansas City has been dubbed "killa city" by locals.

However, this incident has not been covered extensively by the mainstream media since it happened. Odd, considering this Superbowl itself was the most watched in history and the Chiefs players, who could've "caught a bullet" in the incident, were at the parade. Not to mention, a dozen children were shot.

"One victim shot in the back of his neck" and the "bullet came through his mouth and then popped out his lip," Posoboec stated.

"The difference is," he said, "the mainstream media doesn't have a narrative that they like. So suddenly, they're doing everything they can to downplay this or they'll blame it on the gun."

Posobiec revealed that his connections in media told him "they wanted it to be someone in a red hat," someone part of MAGA.

"It turns out it's just regular Kansas City violence that goes on in every city in America," he said.

Emmons agreed, "We see this in Chicago, we see it in New York and Boston and Oakland, we see it all over the country. And it's completely ignored by mainstream media. Whenever they talk about mass shooting, somehow they completely ignore the shootings that are going on in our cities downtown, every weekend and every every week."


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