BREAKING: Russian federal agents shut down 'My Little Pony' convention on grounds it is 'lgbtq propaganda': report

Russian federal agents have allegedly shut down a "My Little Pony" convention in Moscow after it was deemed to be “LGBT propaganda” by the government.  

According to the Russian outlet The Insider, the raid was conducted to break up, "Mi Amore Fest." The event was organized by fans of the "My Little Pony" series.  

The officials deemed it to be part of “LGBT propaganda.” 

Participants at the event in a message board, “Apparently, you won’t be able to get to the festival anymore. While we were drinking coffee, a squad arrived and dispersed everyone. They wrote a statement for LGBT propaganda. Well, let's go home." 

Mi Amore Fest is allegedly dedicated to furry cosplay, according to The Insider's report.

The Supreme Court of Russia declared that the “international public movement of LGBT people” was extremist and banned it from the territory.  

After this change, the Russian media service Kinopoisk put the label of “18+” on the children’s television show because there is a character with the name “Rainbow.” 

This is a breaking story. Refresh for updates.   

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