Illegal immigrants in UK converting to Christianity, claiming religious persecution in effort to avoid deportation: report

It has been revealed that a growing number of illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom have been converting to Christianity and claiming they will be persecuted if they return to their home countries in an attempt to avoid being deported.

Those who claim to have found Jesus after arriving in the UK have been called out for exploiting the system, which allows newcomers to apply for asylum on the ground that they face danger because of their race, religion, nationality, or political beliefs. 

According to the Daily Mail, of the 300 refugees living on the floating shelter known as the Bibby Stockholm in Dorset, forty are now attending local church services in an attempt to shore up their bid to be allowed to remain in the country. The practice is occurring elsewhere in the country as well.

The Church of England has faced backlash for facilitating the conversions, with former Home Secretary Suella Braverman accusing clergy of engaging in "political activism."

"While at the Home Office, I became aware of churches around the country facilitating industrial-scale bogus asylum claims," she wrote in a piece for the Telegraph on Saturday.

"They are well-known within the migrant communities and, upon arrival in the UK, migrants are directed to these churches as a one-stop shop to bolster their asylum case. Attend mass once a week for a few months, befriend the vicar, get your baptism date in the diary, and bingo, you'll be signed off by a member of the clergy that you're now a God-fearing Christian who will face certain persecution if removed to your Islamic country of origin."

She said the practice "has to stop," and called on her fellow Britons to "get wise to the problem."

Among those who have been granted asylum after converting to Christianity is Abdul Ezedi, the man suspected of carrying out a chemical attack in London on January 31 that sent a mother and her toddler to the hospital.

Ezedi, originally from Afghanistan, was convicted of a sexual assault in 2018 at Newcastle Crown Court and discharged from probation in 2020. He applied for asylum in the UK three times, and managed to get accepted despite his prior convictions.

Police have not been able to track him down following the acid attack.

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