UK lawmaker pushes for posthumous legal sex changes

A left-wing Labor Party MP in the UK has called for legislation that would allow legal gender changes for people after they die.

In late January, Charlotte Nichols requested Britain's Gender Recognition Act of 2004 be revised to allow for posthumous gender changes in light of the murder of transgender TikToker Brianna Ghey, Fox News reports. 16-year-old Ghey's gender was listed as male at the time of death.

"My question follows on from a recent petition supported by many of my constituents, regarding amending the Gender Recognition Act," Nichols told The Telegraph.

"The genesis of the petition was the murder of my constituent Brianna Ghey, whose life was brutally cut short before she was old enough to have formal legal recognition of who she was and how she will be remembered by her family, friends and our community," she said.

"At that time, the Government said they did not believe any reforms were necessary, but it is something I continue to have raised with me by my constituents and will continue to raise with the Government accordingly so that this can be an option available to bereaved families should they so wish."

Ghey was stabbed to death on February 11, 2023, by teenagers Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe. Police do not believe the incident was a hate crime.

Nichols' request has drawn justifiable criticism, Daily Mail reports.

Sir Liam Fox, the MP for North Somerset, said, "It is patently absurd, factually inaccurate and a statistical distortion. 

"We should not be encouraging the idea that people can simply choose to change their biological status nor should we bend truth to accommodate an ever more extreme and dangerous ideology."

Lucy Marsh, a spokesperson for The Family Education Trust, said, "It's extremely concerning that Labour appears to be pushing towards introducing gender-self-ID through the back door. 

"If coroners are allowed to lie on public record about the sex of deceased children, this will surely be a slippery slope towards self-ID becoming normalised in the NHS."

Image: Title: charlotte nichols