JACK POSOBIEC: Don't be a 'doomer,' it's just 'cowardice'

On Thursday's episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec addressed the "black pillers" and "doomers" he encounters online who refuse to acknowledge that the Republicans' position going into the 2024 election is anything other than hopeless.

"I'm absolutely done with the black pillers," Posobiec declared. "I see them on my timeline on social media. I hear them on the news from time to time, I hear these commentators, just get rid of them."

The black pill, as Posobiec later in the show explained, "is this pessimistic subclass, the nihilists, nothing you do matters, humans are meant to suffer, there's no purpose to anything this hopeless nihilism creates low morale and that low morale ... puts you in the same camp as the regime."

"Because folks," he continued, "let me tell you something right now. We are winning."

Posobiec referenced a newly released Morning Consult poll that shows Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in all 7 swing states. He also noted that Morning Consult is a left-leaning outlet.

"You realize how up we are right now? Joe Biden's bottom has fallen out when it comes to American workers and particularly with Gen Z, who will be voting in this election," he said.

18 to 24-year-olds right now, he explained, are most likely looking at Biden as a "doddering idiot" with the clips of him that have been widely circulated on social media platforms such as TikTok in which he cannot form a complete sentence.

"He's got us into war after war around the world, the economy isn't getting any better, people are trying to figure out how to work. And they're saying, You know what, I don't like this guy ... I don't support him."

"You want more people locked up in the gulags?" he asked. "You want more Republicans and more patriots to be locked up with the J6ers? Then fine, don't worry about any of this stuff. But if you actually care about the direction of this country and the direction of our future, then maybe you will wake up and pay attention to the system of government and the system of politics in this country. And also understand that, guess what boys and girls, we are winning."

Guest Gavin Wax who is the president of the New York Young Republicans likened black pillers to what he calls "doomers."

"Being a Doomer is the epitome of cowardice," Posobiec agreed. "Because if you say the situation is hopeless, that means you don't have to fight. So what it tells me is that you're actually scared of the fight."

Image: Title: Poso Gavin Wax


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