JACK POSOBIEC: US soldiers are 'sitting ducks in the shooting gallery of the Middle East right now'

On Monday's episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec addressed the catastrophe that took place over the weekend where 3 US soldiers were killed in a drone attack in Jordan. It was determined that the enemy drone was not stopped most likely because it piggybacked off a US drone, leading Posobiec to declare that "the 20th century is over" and that these soldiers were "sitting ducks" in the Middle East.

"It's done. It's buried," Posobiec said. "It's buried there in the dirt of Abbey gate, and it's buried there now in the dirt of Jordanian soil, the Kingdom of Jordan, where three American soldiers have lost their lives and entire US barracks ... struck by Shia militia drone manufactured by Iran while they slept."

A "damning" Wall Street Journal report stated that "the US failed to stop attacking Jordan after mixup over drone identity."

But then, Posobiec stated, "we find a little more out. We find that it turns out this drone was following another drone, a US drone as it came across the border."

Tower 22, the outpost that was struck, "is where the 20th century died," he explained, because it is only the first version of this type of drone.

"Soon they will be equipped with AI, soon they will be equipped with SCAD capability," Posobied warned, adding that, "Soon they'll start taking out our air defenses."

"They've already figured this out boys and girls, they can penetrate our air defenses by piggybacking our own drones," he said, noting that the logistics behind what that would entail are not that "complicated."

"Understand that every single one of these instances our boys are sitting ducks in the shooting gallery of the Middle East right now," he said. "It's all a shooting gallery."

"We know why they're there," Posobiec declared. "They're there as a tripwire because Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland and the people in his crooked administration want them as human meat shields as the tripwire to trigger ... more escalation of a war in the Middle East war with Iran."

He said that the Biden administration, along with people such as Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham, "want World War Three, and it's our job to stop it and fix our own border."

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