ADAM COLEMAN: Joy Reid's sneering at 'Moms for Liberty' shows what the elites really think of the people

The mainstream media’s model is similar to how the Titanic handled its passengers while it was sinking: the elites get preferential treatment while the poor and working-class drown and get discarded.

They’re populated by the “credentialed class”: individuals who have been taught they are not only smarter than you, but that the insignia on their diplomas proves their worth is greater than yours. Their subconscious motto is, “All men are created equal, until some men go to Harvard.”

This mentality has become far more evident in recent years as grassroots organizations like Moms for Liberty spawned out of a reaction to what the most innocent among us were experiencing in public schools: perversion, race essentialism, and educational mistreatment.

This clash between the classes was on full display when Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut with Joy Reid”.
Reid pressed Justice about accusations of Moms for Liberty wanting to ban books and questioned her expertise in deciding what’s appropriate to be in schools and even going further to insinuate that parents across the country are demanding the removal of books that they’ve never read.

“Moms for Liberty doesn’t have a national book list,” Justice argued. “There was never a list of books that we put out that said ‘Parents be concerned about these books.’ We didn’t do it because we want our parents to be effective advocates.”

“What is the expertise that you have and other Moms for Liberty advocates have to decide that a book, an award-winning book like ‘All Boys aren’t Blue’ isn’t appropriate for students to read?” Reid inquired.

"I don't need to be an expert to know that dildos aren't appropriate content for public school," Justice sharply replied. "In what context is a strap-on dildo acceptable for public school?"

Progressives like Joy Reid want to get into an intellectual sparring match over the authority to take out books from school when they completely overlook the authority someone had to insert them there in the first place.

When they had the power to dictate what books were being implemented in schools, they didn’t inquire with the rest of us about the appropriate nature of said books: they just did it.

Elitists like Reid don’t like it when people who they feel are below them build the bravery to challenge their orthodoxy. That’s why they will go as far as glossing over obvious perversion on national television to protect their egos.

Justice represents tens of thousands of moms across the country, who were alarmed at the way their children were being educationally abused, sexually radicalized, and racially divided for the pleasure of activist so-called educators.

I’ve met many of the Moms for Liberty members who would tell me their personal stories about going from a normal mom to an advocate willing to challenge the alleged experts and political figures embedded in their local school system.

When they showed up in the singular, they were pushed aside and had their microphones silenced along with their pleas for change. They were gaslit by media figures like Reid saying that their reasoning for shouting at a school board meeting was due to Fox News propaganda and bigotry.

Only illiberal people want to make you believe that protecting your child from malicious narratives and perverted content is unreasonable.

They will pretend that your eyes are lying when you give testimony to what you saw and challenge your intelligence to understand the context of a book about molestation and depraved behavior: Remember, only “experts” can tell you what your child can ingest literarily.

Reid cannot directly answer in what context it is acceptable that a book within a public school to talk about rape, incest, and dildos because ceding an inch to Justice, who she sees as a nemesis, puts all of her dogmatic diatribes into question.

Reid is one of many captains of the media Titanic who believe you’re an iceberg that can be crushed in their path and egotistically never suspect the strength of a pissed-off iceberg like Tiffany Justice. Nor do they recognize what a large hole she can drive into the hull of their narrative with facts and testimony.

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