BREAKING: Ecuador prosecutor assassinated while investigating gunmen who took over live TV channel

The prosecutor who was investigating the incident where gunmen broke into a TV station in Ecuador and held the hosts and staff at gunpoint on live TV last week was assassinated, Barron's reports.

A source from the prosecutor's office told AFP that Cesar Suarez was murdered in Guayaquil on Wednesday.

Local media has reported that he was gunned down in a car while he was traveling from his office to a hearing at the Alban Borja justice unit.

"The crime occurs one day after the arrest of Daniel Salcedo in Panama, [who was] involved in cases of hospital corruption. According to preliminary information, Suárez was heading from the judicial police to the Albán Borja justice unit, for a hearing," the Quito newspaper Primicias published.

When questioned about the shooting, the unnamed source from the prosecutor's office said "Unfortunately, it is true."

On January 9, hooded and masked gunmen broke into TC Television in Ecuador. The shocking footage was quickly recorded and shared online.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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